Author: bunny leroy - Replies: 9 - Views: 674
i tried out soul seek for the first time....
while at my mates house.
as i dont have a pc , only in work

i can now understand why producers are getting very pissed off over soul seek

done a few searches on it and found , neo,outerspace(mistical),and all them new tunes by fresh.

question is how does fresh's tunes get on soulseek? i reckon he holds his stuff down pretty tight
Author: esb - Replies: 21 - Views: 632
UK heads!!! has anybody tried this?
<--------what's in my avatar that is Baffled

don't wanna be representing something that
tastes like caac Twisted
Author: 8bits - Replies: 1 - Views: 545
Woman tried to smuggle grenade into prison inside her vagina
[quote](4/19/06 - SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador) - A Salvadoran woman was detained after she tried to smuggle into the country's main prison a military grenade and marijuana hidden in her vagina, authorities said Wednesday.
Officials subsequently raised the security level at jails across the country, prison system spokesman Alberto Uribe said, adding the discovery showed "the inmates are planning something."

Lidia Alvarado, 44, was found hiding a cylinder containing the weapon and the drugs, as
Author: Andyskopes - Replies: 15 - Views: 1141
So i tried to make a Dubstep tune....

It's really just a remix of a DnB tune i did....not that sure about it really....but ya gotta give these things a crack.....innit.

And there's a clip me new DnB tune Spirited Away on there now.....gay string vibes inside da ride.

(well, ya gotta plug yourself, innit Grin )
Author: shuto - Replies: 43 - Views: 2076
anyone tried to buy from inperspective shop?
eeezee now,

was wondering if anyone on subvert had used the inperspective website shop recently, because i ordered £10 worth of tunes and have heard nothing from them, and the money has been taken from my account. this was 3 and a half weeks ago.

i've tried to contact them 3 times at info@inperspectiverecords.com and have heard nothing back.

was wondering if any of you guys had any ideas of what i could do

maybe someone inperspective related sees this and can see the
Author: safetyboy - Replies: 4 - Views: 321
DVD to AVI whats the best youve tried..
ive tried ireverter and i'm trying auto gordian knot at the moment, whats the best stand alone program to do this, dont wanna be switchin programs and stuff
Author: Macc - Replies: 8 - Views: 287
Not tried em, but...

Look like they could be good Smile
Author: strike - Replies: 41 - Views: 4360
New Walkers Flavours - ive tried everything

Was handed some dubs this morning, a bag of each new flavour of which I have consumed 4 packets in less than 1 hour.

Builders Breakfast - YUK
Duck & Hoi sin - YUM
Cajun Squirrell - yeah ok
Chocolate & Chilli - FUKING WHRONG
Fish & Chips - Ok but if they were like Scampi Fries they would be best
And the winner is Onion Bhaji - very very nice but im sure they will repeat in about 10 mins.
Author: Theeboon - Replies: 36 - Views: 3721
Apparently some dude just tried to kill the queen
The dutch queen that is...

[Image: http://www.geenstijl.nl/archives/images/...ofd477.jpg]

Pretty fucked, no? He drove through two security barriers, drove over about fifteen people and then rammed a monument.

Author: Shiva - Replies: 1 - Views: 478
Windows 7 - Anyone tried it yet?
Anyone tried windows 7 on their music workstation yet? Any good? Any issuses with ASIO, Drivers, etc?

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