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LOW Playing in the UK in 2003!
LOW Newcastle University Newcastle THU 06/02/2003 19:30

LOW Manchester University Manchester FRI 07/02/2003 19:30

LOW Academy 2 Birmingham MON 10/02/2003 19:30

LOW The Bristol Academy Bristol TUE 11/02/2003 19:30

I hope they will add a London date.

Be there or be square!
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Non brits adopting UK grammer
Ive noticed this on DOA before, i spose it was bound to happen. I just think its weired when get pople on there from america new zeland or whatever and they call u "bruv". Bruv in souhtern england is short for bruvver which is a typical example of lazy speach from english poeple. Same thing, as we brits tend to drop the letter "H" from a lot of things, we we say 'ave it! I wasant aware that americans and the like did this. That 1992 geezer has got "Ardcore" is his sig, i was trying to imagine am
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I'm going to the UK next fall!

No reason for going except for just checking it out and buying some records and hitting the clubs. Anyone know of some good places that I should check out and what part of the UK has the best jungle scene. (damn I sound soo american Lol)
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DJ Fracture on ruderecordings.com in 15 mins 8-10 UK Time...

log in now to get a stream... god im so popular Roll
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Bad News for Mark Thomas Fans and UK TV exposure of Issues
taken from mark thomas site:

mtp 1996-2002 rip.
the product has been discontinued, mark and channel 4 decided it had reached it's sell by date. mark and vera productions have parted company, amicably, and he can no longer be contacted there. any information or stories you want to pass on to mark can be done through this website or via richard stone partnership, 2 henrietta st london wc2e 8ps. mark is still writing for the new statesman and working on a new live show. he is even talking to tv
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DJ Fracture live on Ruderecordings.com 8-10pm UK Time tonigh

a few nice new bits for you this week.

the main site is down so hit http://www.liveforbeats.com

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Anyone order from [url]www.juno.co.uk[/url] ?
I'm going to order a fuckload of wax from them like next week and I heard some good things about them. I'm just trying to get some other remarks of the site.

BTW this is what i'm getting.........

CONCORD DAWN Morning Light TYME 022 12" £4.47

HIGH CONTRAST Return Of Forever (remixes) BBSHC 001/BRK 34001 12" £4.25

BLACK SUN EMPIRE The Rat BSE 001 12" £4.39

DYLAN & FRICTION Polluted Soul OUTB 019 12" £4.25

HIVE Surreal Killer VIO 004 12" £4.25

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magic vinyl all stars on phuturefreq.com 7 to 12 uk time
tonight on http://www.phuturefreq.com the mahic vinyl all stars will broadcast from 7 to 12 uk time..... from 5 to 7 uk time streetbeats are running their show! on the magic vinyl show we haave following line up!

7 to 9 smoking monkey
9 to 11 yen-cee (jungle set)
11 to 12 dj Q (usa)

join the chat for shouts!
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Spectraz sends a shout out to the UK and Brazil
Shout to the UK crew:

No video? Download the DivX Plus Web Player.

Shout out to Brazil:

No video? Download the DivX Plus Web Player.

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