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New nukes unveiled

Officails from the Los Alamos Natioanl Laboratory have announced that they have constructed the first plutonium pit (the heart of a nuclear weapon) in 14 years.

apparently [i]"it's the opening trickle in what is scheduled to eventually become a torrent of new nuclear cores. For the next four years, Los Alamos will make about a half-dozen pits per year. After that, capacity will ramp u
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Science Myth Unveiled:Lactic Acid Is Actually A Muscle Fuell

[quote]Everyone who has even thought about exercising has heard the warnings about lactic acid. It builds up in your muscles. It is what makes your muscles burn. Its buildup is what makes your muscles tire and give out.
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Ben Stansall/European Pressphoto Agency

Coaches and personal trainers tell athletes and exercisers that th
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New SC T-Shirt unveiled

(Actually, I kind of want one...)

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