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Grizzly Medical Update #1
EZ all,

My surgery is scheduled for 12:30 on Wednesday which means it's 8:30 PM your time. Good vibes accepted during this time. Thanks for all the well wishes and support. Grin I'll give you guys an update at my earliest convienience.

Also if you wanna check out a clip of my new track I'd appreciate it. Feedback and criticism welcome.



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Grizzly Medical Update: Clinical Trials
I already posted this on DOA so I know a few peeps have seen it.

Well it looks like I'm getting approved for a clinical trial of a new drug for the treatment of colon cancer, a drug called Erbitux which is quite different from standard chemotherapy treatment. It is an antibody which supposedly specifically attacks the tumor therefore shrinking it. One reason I got approved cause standard chemo treatment failed me and I again have visible disease. It sucked cause yeasterday I had to get anothe
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exile108 update-->26-04-2003

just to let ya know that exile108 has been updated with new shit from 4Sake1 and myself - Montana and Dhesi will have their shit up next weekend...


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Grizzly Medical Update: First Day of New Treatment

[quote]well i had my first treatment of the clinical trial drug yesterday. it's supposed to have almost no side effects but i definitely felt a bit ill while they gave it to me and for the rest of the evening. it's not as bad as chemo so i guess that is positive. it's hard to explain how it felt, it was just.....weird. i had a tightness in my chest, an upset stomach, and a feeling i can only describe as being chemo
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bassbin site update
Check out http://www.bassbin.com

all audio previews online now, including new breakage 12"'s which are out on promo soon.....

AND check the looney tunes section for Flyest Gangsta, the baddest tune to hit in a long while.

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Blue & Strike update:
oooooooh they were both looking a little, tainted shall we say last night in the club.

Blue was sitting for most of the night with a slightly scared look in his eye. I'm not surprised as he's staying with one hardcore chic, B.

Strike gave us a history lesson in Streetbeats with a lot of old Blue tunes and Noir and, is it razorblade??

Heavy heavy bananas, music wise. The crowd was thin on the ground because they all fucked off to FABIO for some liquid groove nonsense.

Anyways, I'm ho
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Windows Users - Critical Security Update - Protect your PC
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Subvert Central Label Update!
Right Subverts,

news is I've finally settled on a solution to the banking problem.

Thanks to Beckett for the suggestion of opening an account in the North of Ireland...
Turns out I don't need an address in the North to do that - was just onto HSBC in Portadown.

So, the plan is to take a day off work and drive up there soon to set up the A/C.

My plan is also to open the account as a sole trader (less red-tape and expenses and I don't need an official accountant) trading under the na
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Update (sort of) on Lovely shiny Technic CDJ's
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Bush accused of RAPE last year - update - she is now dead
"...It says in this court document on the Office of the County Clerk, Fort Bend County Texas site that George Bush has been accused legally of having sex with a minor, and then using his powers as President to harass her into committing suicide. Here's a copy of the subpoena."

link to original document on office of the county clerk , fort bend county tex

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