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Warm Communications website updated
check out the homepage for updated news!

Author: jmcee - Replies: 1 - Views: 772
Mucky - updated
Edit ...this ones down now .. needed space to put my new one up which is here.. bit of a kickback mashup affair..


check it and give me some feedback.

Exloring Jupiter 6 ..

Looking for some feedback or suggestions on this short unfinished cyber funk stepper.


Cheers.. [/url]
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paradox site updated...
check the news page on http://www.paradoxmusic.com

and can you see that little thread about Paradox live in Belgium??? Grin ow yes, only 2 days to go Icon_eek
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paradox site updated !!!
paradox website been updated at http://www.paradoxmusic.com

cant wait for colemanism.. Grin
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updated site! new mix to DL! friendly mp3 format!
greets. ive basically updated my site (http://www.easeuprecordings.com), put up much of my own tracks. finally converted my latest mix to mp3. 58megs of jungle goodness! beware; the tracks are not the latest, but to me they are the greatest Icon_eek or sumtin like that.....
here you go...

tracklisting on my site under djmix...

all my tracks

let m
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These Are The Breaks! Updated 18/12/04
new additions

Break name: Cold Sweat (Live)
Originally sampled from: James Brown - "Cold Sweat (recorded live in Dallas, 196Cool"
Examples of dnb tracks with it: Fracture & Neptune - "Apollo"; Fanu - "Siren Song"
Contributed by: DJFracture

Break name: Cold Sweat (Mongo)
[COLOR=silver]Originally sampled from: Mongo Santamaria - "Cold Sweat"[/CO
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Streetbeats.co.uk Portal Updated..........

now includes navigation squares for:

- online booking form

- supatronix, one of our new in house breaks labels and successful club night

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UPDATED:Oldskool Darkcore&Intelligent Mix-now w/HQ D/L!
Frantik Presents:


Contrasting the sounds of early '90s Darkcore with mid '90s Intelligent Drum and Bass to bring your adrenaline levels up before letting you glide gently back to reality. Total flight time: 77:11

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Mykra has updated his website.
ufo i know you may be interested in this! Grin

posted over at cov-ops

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*** UPDATED *** SC:Digital 003 Released ***
[color=red]*** update ***

due to an administrative error on my part, the instrumental version of z-no(phobic) was uploaded.

i have now uploaded the correct vocal version of this track, and have also left the instrumental version available for download.

this release is now:

sc:digital 003 a - z-no - z-no(phobic) (instrumental)
sc:digital 003 b - z-no - the demanding consumer
sc:digital 003 c - z-no - z-no(phobic) (feat louie g)

enjoy !



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