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Once upon a time in America
4 Hours last night and filled with emotion.

What a film...........the glorious new DVD....arrr

Where is Unsane

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Once Upon a Time in the West
Charles Bronson is a badman. Leone is a Badman. Morricone is a badman. The landscapes have me reminiscing tough. Road tripping across the American west = the life.
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upon the ebay for ya ....
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a few bits upon the ebay. . . . old 1994>1997 action.

i've never ever sold anything on ebay before... so just getting into it... i don't really wanna sell any of my tunes but my new flat is too small, so i'm starting by selling some of my doubles!! - loads more bits will be listing over the next few weeks!

jeru the damaja - me or the papes [inc. dillinja remix] [pay day]

motive one - wise moments / life [certificate 18]

dj pulse & professo
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i hv bn re-digging these nutjobs of late. w/ all-time classics like "shimmer in the shiel", "gathering nostoc", and "theyre eating the passengers" it's hard to understand why they havent attained kingbling status with infinhos and fatt chayne. it's sad to see that most of their cds went out of print, of course their lps went out of print years ago, but they continue to hv relevance to me tho i started listenin to them half a lifetime ago

wot the hell is this newcastle-upon-tyne place where t
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What people say upon hearing Drum&Bass for the 1st time.....
there's no words??? thats the 1st response 99% of the time. and my 1st response usually is well some of it has vocals and some have just words here and there. then they usually say thats weird. and i follow with the, classical music didn't have much words, response ..unless it was opera.

which brings up another topic...weird how sooo much music for all those years (classical music) didn't have a need for much drums at all. just instruments for the most part. crazy Chin
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stumble upon!!!!

great little search thing.. as justin says "i'm lovin it"
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A useful thread i stumbled upon
i found a link to this thread at this blog page

quite a lot of useful info, and advice imo.

this bit was what linked me to it, and made me laugh.

[quote]joe blow records some stuff. doesn’t sound as good as his favorite records, sounds a little dull. he adds some highs. sounds better, but a little thin. adds some lows, sounds a little better, but a litt
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Post the best "stumble upon" of the day.
found this by chance.

I love finding deep stuff like this by accident.
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mstk013: Dan Guidance - Upon Reflection / Feel Free [mstk013] FREE DOWNLOAD
Dan Guidance - Upon Reflection / Feel Free [mstk013]

[Image: http://archive.org/download/mstk013/mstk013.jpg]

We are very excited to announce this seductive debut on mastik netlabel by Dan Guidance!

The opening track "Upon reflection" starts off with subtle vocals blended by mellow pads and bright atmospherics held together by sharp and punchy percussion. Techy bass make this track feel like it is constantly moving forward.

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