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martsman - geister v2

see you in 2004

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va - bergischbreaks_v2 / compilation for free dl
bergischbreaks presents: volume two.

[Image: http://www.fedsonics.net/images/bblp02_front72.gif]
[cover included as printable version]

01-intro-redshirt-sense 2.30
02-equal_-african_horizon 7.06
03-genetic-liquid_stones 5.45
04-lipton-valediction 4.20
05-mindgear-trumpet_lesson 7.54
06-elliptic-panamericana_rmx 5.24
07-fedster_borderline 5.12
08-insecticide&coco_street-cosmic_butterfly 7.59
09-rolovsky-go_revolutionize 6.51
10-lipton&mc_decrem-moving_on 4.
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Adidas unveils the soccer ball V2.0
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eskmo.com V2.0 - JULY 06 UPDATES
UPDATES BELOW - in later post...

[Image: http://msnbcmedia.msn.com/j/msnbc/Compon...medium.jpg]

For those who have not seen yet, the new version went up last week.
Please, take a gander. More coming...

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DISCO DSP-Discovery synth v2.6 vsti
if u haven't tried this out yet,do it immediately!

it's basically a replica of the nord 2x in vst format & to my ears sounds very close to that but with the added versatliity that dsp/pc/software based synthesis has 2 offer.

great for trancey pads,leads arps & metalheadz 'ruffness' along with deep bass & sfx bread & butter insanity.

definitely gets the Xyxthumbs from me.
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RELEASE RESOURCE - Subvert Central V2 :release date 14/11/06

Label: Subvert Central
Artist(s): Fracture & Neptune, Sileni, Uzhas, Dissident
Release Title: Subvert Central Vol.2
Track Titles:
004A Title: Fracture & Neptune - Visions of Amen
004B1 Title: Fracture & Neptune - Clouds Over Memphis
004B2 Title: Fracture & Neptune - Visions
005A Title: Sileni - Another Track
005B1 Title: Sileni - Random Bullshit
005B2 Title: Sil
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Time freezer v2
Has anyone got this vst? or anyone know where i can get get it?
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Backlash Records Podcast V2 1992-94. Take note kids ;-)
[Image: http://i227.photobucket.com/albums/dd93/...kwht-1.gif]

Backlash Records Presents podcast number 2 courtesy of DJ AST (Backlash Records) Old School Session 1992-94

Time to get educated !!!

Please subscribe http://backlashrecords.podcastpeople.com



X-Plore H-Core (RMX) - Nebula 2 - Reinforced Records - RIVET1232R - 1992
Mainline (Techno Mi
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Elektrotribe podcast v2.0
Hi all!
This is the new version of our label podcast.
It features dj mix/ livet & the radio show of the label on di.fm all classed by style.
Give it a try and let us now your comments on the sets Wink

[Image: http://www.elektrocast.com/Elektrocast2008_small.gif]
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Crunchessor V2.0
[Image: http://www.voxengo.com/files/news/newTextSID121/sc.jpg]

now available for Mac Smile

Havent tested it as I am skint at the moment and best not to know.

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