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spider venom sex drugs
Black-Widow Spiders May Improve Sex Life - Chileans
Wed Jul 9, 3:43 PM ET
By Patrick Nixon

TEMUCO, Chile (Reuters) - Chilean researchers said on Wednesday they aimed to develop a new pill to combat impotence that would have the added bonus of being a male contraceptive, based on experiments with the venom of black-widow spiders.

The spider, famed for the female's tendency to eat her mate after sex, makes a poison that can produce muscular seizure, acceleration of the heart and
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ATTN: Promoters, JADE [Citrus] presents the 'Venom' Album Tour 2009!!
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Digital Venom 010 | Pyro - The Reaction EP (+free mp3)
For our 10th digital release we are very proud to bring you the long awaited Pyro EP.

[Image: http://venominc.com/mp3/dv010-ep.gif]

Pyro has long demonstrated a deeper side to techno influenced drum and bass and
The Reaction EP reaches beyond the harder end of the techno spectrum for inspiration
and pays homage back to an age of techno that was based on grooves and subtle
progression, particularly the classic nineties sound of Detroit. The title track for
the EP was designed as a
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The Man Who Injects Venom (on channel 5)
mad bastard! Icon_eek
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Digital Venom 011 | Inside The Barricades EP
For our 11th digital release and 2nd EP we're firmly Inside The Barricades.

[Image: http://venominc.com/mp3/DV011-EP2.jpg]

Inside the barricades, an extended release featuring Brandon Miles and
Tricky Pat, Kriotek, Proton Kid and Leepshec. Four tracks from a different
angle and aimed firmly against seperation & definition.
Listen without preconception, the concept is music.

Various - Inside The Barricades EP

Click track names for mp3 previews.

A: [url=http://venominc.c
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OUT NOW: Borderline "Drunk With Venom EP" [shadybrain]
[Image: http://shadybrain.net/system/files/upload/SHBD01010.jpg]

Borderline "Drunk With Venom EP" - SHBD01010

1. Borderline - Speed Dial
2. Borderline - Drunk With Venom
3. Proktah feat. MC Coppa - What U Know (Borderline Remix)
4. Borderline - Hand Out


More info: http://www.shadybrain.net

[b]Buy the release for 2,99[url=http://shadybrain.net/music/d
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Venom Inc 003: The Sect / Lethal & Khanage
[Image: http://www.digital-tunes.net/api/cover_a...3/150/150/]

lethal & khanage, the sect - Oxidize / Look Around You // Digital Venom 3.0 € EU / 2.44 €

1. the sect - oxidize(final)
2. lethal & khanage - look around you (final)



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