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Does anyone know why Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise?
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Venus Transit in front of the Sun!
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squarepusher - VENUS NO. 17 on warp records
where can i get this... I have to have tundra 4 on vinyl!! Twisted

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Venus Mission May Hold Surprises For Scientists And Public
Quote:"One question revolves around what is known as an "unknown ultraviolet absorber" high in the planet's clouds that blocks sunlight from reaching the surface. --------- There has been speculation that sunlight absorbed by the clouds might be involved in some kind of biological activity."

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transit of venus
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Omni Music Presents 5 Miles From Venus Promo Mix


1. Effulgence By Jiva (Omni Dub)
2. Southern Skies By Eschaton (Omni Dub)
3. Pulsar (Limit Remix) By Eschaton (Omni Dub)
4. If Only By Sky Residents And Eschaton (PreluDJ LP - Omni Music)
5. Light Years By Eschaton (Omni Dub)
6. The Floating City By Tidal (Omni Dub)
7. Ancient Truth By Fishy (Omni Dub)
8. Effulgence By Jiva (Omni Dub)
9. Untitled Goodnes sBy Dgohn And Eschaton (Omni Dub)
10. Wrong Choice By Limit (Omni Dub)
11. Zenith (Neil S Remix) By Eschaton (Omni Dub)
12. Pulsa
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Roo Stercogburn - The Venus Drip
Not posted in here for a very long time, thought I'd drop something off.

I don't really post on SoundCloud any more since they removed groups and basically became an arm of UMG. The upside of using hearthis.at is that it has higher quality streaming. Downside is that not so many have support for embedding. Anyway, here's the link:


Cheers all. Hope everything is good in the world(s) of the rest of you Subverts Smile

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