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my very first post
hello people.

just want to say respect for the other night, it was wicked... great turnout, great atmosphere, nice thursday night session, good to put names to faces as well.

now we have to talk about you coming down to play for us at some point boys.

btw check us out at http://www.funktion.org and join the forum. the site is a bit sketchy, its very much under construction but its all good


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monday the 11th of november will be a very good day indeed.
It the day off the NEW Alan Partridge Series.......

Looks like he's back on Radio Norwich, and figthing to get back on the box.


[Image: http://www.hodgers.com/ali/craigmaj/steve/alan2.jpg]
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Attention Subversives - very important !
please don't forget to make a concious effort to read and where possible contribute to the 'underground resistance' forum Xyxthumbs
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today is going very slowly indeed
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very angry people


my friends in new york are mad into the grindcore scene, the above band is a band a female friend of mine has just joined as vocalist.. everybody gets hurt...

interesting band, whats scarey is she's a cutie who you would never think was into this kinda shit.

another good friend of mine is in a band called disassociate


makes me feel kinda weak really..
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Pablo's Cheese & Wine affair, this very evening
How many folks here have been cordially invited to raid escobars wine racks this evening then? Anyone I haven't met yet?
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very rarely do i get disgruntled...
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Anyone know a movie called Dog Park? Has a very cool break!!
Dog Park. http://us.imdb.com/Title?0129884

Just began on the TV. Obviously a cheap comedy, but it has a TOTALLY COOL break in the beginning that begs to be sampled....it would make a classic, I gotta get it somehow! Help me out homiez!
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very cool Flash game

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Very funny fraud site.

Have a look at this...

Some guy in the year above me based an essay on this not realising it was a wind-up. Just looked at the neutrino beam nutralising atomic bombs and thought of this.

Did a search and found the site.

This is such a choice quote:

"the machine contains four tapeloops of unduplicable lengths"

I dunno if all the people replying at the bottom are part of the "fun" or just got caught up in it all... but

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