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How to transfer VHS to DVD?
ive got a fantastic film that i taped called "Profit and Nothing But!" by the brilliant Haitian filmmaker Raoul Peck, and i just found out that purchasing a copy (on VHS, no less!) will set man back $390!! Icon_eek

this compels me to archive it to DVD or .mpeg because of the perishability of magnetic media. besides, my friends need to see it and i dont dare loan out the only copy when it could easily be destroyed by a renegade machine.

soo..what's the best way to make a DVD from a VHS?
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I want to record audio from a VHS but my video only has scrt
Is there some kinda adapter i can get that changes it to a phono line out of some shizzle?
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UPITUP presents VHS Head! Fri.10.12.10 : )
Upitup Records is incredibly proud and excited to present the 4th installment of KNOBHEADS!

/ \

Friday 10th of December 2010@Don't Drop The Dumbells
This is going to be Futuristic, Rare, Bangin' and Spectacular...
with Future music specialists.....

-VHS HEAD (Skam Records)

and support from Blackpool's finest posse:
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DJ 1985 - VHS Bass mixtape
[Image: http://img808.imageshack.us/img808/571/l...stape1.jpg]

Mixtape inspired by 80s nostalgic sound in modern electronic music. And also inspired by sexy beach movies of the 80s & a little bit of porn movies of the 80s.



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