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promotors wanted
hi we are a label from germany called magic vinyl! we are running it since early 2000 and have 7 releases and a cd compilation out so far! u can check our stuff at http://www.magicvinyl.net or to catch live sets of our djs tune in monday 7 to 12 uk time on http://www.phuturefreq.com or on saturdays 2 pm on http://www.dnbradio.net we host a monthly mixset on http://www.dnbforum.de and a weekly show on basstion a regular local radio in my town! the magic vinyl crew is planning a
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Wanted: Beat Jam Flyers
can somebody post me a pile before friday?
scope - will you be in oxford soon matey?

i need answers!!!

cheers! Grin

Author: nerve - Replies: 22 - Views: 1604
ATTN: American contact wanted
on a serious note

we require more american contacts/promoters djs etc enabling us to set up a tour of america.

we have some gigs in the pipe line but wanna make it bigger and more cost effective.

appreciate any info anyone may have, you can pm me if descretion is required.

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Attn: whoever desparately wanted the new Metalheadz promo
Can't remember who it was or what thread I read it in now.

Anyway, saw this thread on DOA, someone mentioned they might be putting theirs copy on E-bay, dunno if it's worth getting in touch with them to see if they'd sell it to you.

That's assuming you haven't found a copy elsewhere!

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Freestyle - negative N.american connotations
Freeform - Is a label
Collective - Sounds 'wanky'
Space 2 Pace - is a nice concept but not very descriptive
Drum and Bass - 'excludes non-dnb music'

This is getting ridiculous Roll

Thesaurus says; Free= able, allowed, at large, autarchic, autonomous, gratis, off the hook, on the loose, permitted etc.

EVERYONE THINK OF A NAME YOU LIKE instead of picking negative aspects of already suggested names.

I like:

Freestyle Drum and Bass
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ez all. just wanted to introduce myself
hey all you gents and gals.

just joined this forum after looking for a sutible place to park for some time now. I have listened to dnb for 8 or 9 years now in which i've listened to everything from ragga, jump up to the dark sounds of 97 98 and into the atmospheric tunes also.

currently i listen to mainly Paradox, Pieter K, Seba, Blame, Blue and Zno (ofcourse) and a few others as far as the dnb is concerned.

Also i like alot of experimental idm type music like Machine Drum, Boards Of Ca
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Mc wanted for Ultra-Violet
Any of you Subverts know of an Mc that would fit in to UV?

Not some bling blinger.

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Eniac most wanted mix
Back by popular demand for your enjoyment.
Here is the set from Freeform Night. It does sound bit like it was draged through a dishwasher but thats how its was on the site.

Eniac Mix <-- 6MB Realaudio for download.
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i just wanted to say that i really hate cold weather.

Icon_evil Mad
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Some people just wanted to kill me
I was riding home from my mate's house about half an hour ago. I was on this fairly big road, and some old blue Ford Sierra coming the other way came right across the wrong lane and mounted the pavement trying to hit me. I stopped just short of them, they were shouting at me and calling me a cunt. I just rode off through the gap between them and the fence.

Then at the end of that road, I turned right as always, and they came past but went straight on over the junction. Then I was halfway to h

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