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who wants to come over and help?
sorting some 6 crates and 3 flight cases of records as we speak!
i want help dammit! I've neglected this task since last done in 98...
I have beer Grin


sorting by label and cat# for older back catalogue stuff...
what method do you cats use?
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Dis - Association ......... Who wants some ??
You all get right on my man tits ................ Wink

I think we need some anger on the board its always so nice round these parts, we need some objectional people to make things intresting.

Alteredego "Can life get any better Grin"
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The chap who cheated on " Who wants to be a millionaire
The chap who cheated on " Who wants to be a millionaire" just died yesterday.

Check this.....ITV have said because of the publicity they will pay for his funeral.

But not his COFFIN!!!!

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Anyone who wants a cd off of me???
Pm me your address and what you want.

you can have....

Drown Orchestra
Old stuff
New stuff
Interactive cds

place yer order.
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if anybody wants the streetbeats spotlight off ftp
it's now up at my ftp....
19meg 2 hour real audio file

zee tracklist for the show...

01 - fanu - two drummers - offshore
02 - search engine - x plane - reinforced
03 - breakage - so vain - bassbin
04 - break - our world - eastside
05 - baron - audio slave - cia
06 - teebee - tech g - photek productions
07 - k - slow motion - breakbeatscience
08 - sileni - s.a.m.b. - thermal
09 - pieter k - trefusis point (rmx) - breakbeatscience
10 - pieter k - raport - offshore
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Wants Lists
list them in this thread and if I spot any in my online travels I'll let you know

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OK, so... who wants what?
from the ebay box
skin divers - enclosed spaces (aquasky remix) (all good vinyl 002)
cool breeze - bio comprex (audio maze 003 promo)
c4 - phuturistic joint (audio maze 004 promo)
outernational meltdown / madala - hungry on arrival (spring heel jack remix) / ubombo (smith & mighty remix) (b&w 072-5)
the advocate - presumed guilty / trick baby remixes (criminal communications 009 promo)
big bud - millenium / future's live (creative source 007 promo)
hidden agenda - rogue soul / the
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i picked up....density...who wants some...whos it by?
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German label Wants To release a Froxel Album! What Now?
Do you guys know anything about a German label called Alison Records? They want to release a full length Froxel album! My bandmate Justin and I are quite excited but we don't know much about the label. Are they reputable? Do we ask for a contract or advance and shit? Should we wait until the 10" on Zeal comes out first? Because it seems like more and more labels are becoming interested and maybe we should wait until the Zeal 10" comes out. We'll probably get more exposure from that and maybe a b
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who wants Paradox - New Statement for a fiver?
just bought a few things from a private seller for me and Phokus


paradox - new statement / nostalgia (stronghold 006)

...was there as well

so who wants it?

Lisa Wave Wave Rainbow

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