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Halliburton Causes Global Warming On Mars
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Arctic warming at twice global rate
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Global Warming Grips Russia

[quote]MOSCOW, Russia (AP) -- Arctic temperatures gripping most of Russia pushed the death toll across the frozen country to more than 30 people and even hardy Russians struggled to cope with the big freeze.

Electricity use surged to record levels and towns and cities struggled to keep indoor temperatures up as temperatures in Moscow plunged to as low as minus-31 Celsius (minus-24 Fahrenheit) on Thursday.
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Heart Warming

[quote]Rafayda Qaoud shared a bedroom in her Ramallah home with her two brothers. After they raped and impregnated her, she gave birth to a baby boy who was adopted by another family. Her mother then gave Rafayda a razor blade and ordered her to slash her own wrists. When she refused to commit suicide, her mother pulled a plastic bag tightly over her head, sliced open her daughter’s wrists and beat her with a stick unt
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"The debate on global warming is over."
Many scientists are now warning that we are moving closer to several "tipping points" that could - within as little as 10 years - make it impossible for us to avoid irretrievable damage to the planet's habitability for human civilization. In this regard, just a few weeks ago, another group of scientists reported on the unexpectedly rapid increases in the release of carbon and methane emissions from frozen tundra in Siberia, now beginning to thaw because of human caused increases in global temper
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The Global Warming Swindle
Anyone catch this, very good, totally rubbished the Global Warming and Carbon link as apparently it's not based on any Scientific fact.

Scientists stating that they tried to get their names taken off the UN's IPCC report on Global Warming as it's complete garbage.

Global Warming, according to the programme, is actually fueled by the sun whereas Carbon Dioxide has never, in the history of earth, had any effect on the planets temperature, Carbon Dioxide levels naturally rise when the planet
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[MORONS] Global warming: the truth revealed
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Rupture sessions pre warming show for sat @ corsica studios!
http://www.ukbassradio.co.uk 8-10 pm gmt catch mantra and double o

rolling some exclusive selections

hope to see you down at Rupture on sat and if you look young bring some id as the bouncers can go on millitant about id if you look like harry potter or arnold from different strokes he he

peace00 Wink
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Ez crew yes this Friday Rupture check the pre warming show on http://www.ukbassradio.co.uk tuesay 8-10 pm gmt
peace see you lot on friday hopefully
peace and respects!
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Global Warming
Because our country is getting hotter, I've just had a 2 hour drive into work which normally takes 40mins. Roads closed, car in a ditch, police all over, car sliding about.

Didn't see anyone sunbathing though, just lots of ice. Oh yeah, I forgot, global warming is a load of bollocks. Teef

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