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what was/is your greatest moment in time?
tell us the story of your defineing moment in time.

if youve had one that is.
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So how was paradox last night??....... find out----->
if you had turned up sb crew, you'd have known!!!!!! but i'll tell you anyway......

Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek

too fucking good man, the guy puts on a proper show. at one point (during aerosoul) he stopped the sequencer and shouted "this next part of drum programming took me 2 months... so check it out" then dropped the tune back in.... i was fucking laughing so hard!!!! he kept speeding tunes up to like 200 bpm and then stopping it and shouting "dont ever do th
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Why the board was down
greetings all........

as most of you will be aware the board and main site at subvertcentral.com were down for most of yesterday.

this was due to the uk domain registrar (nominet) messing up with the retagging of the domain.

this meant that when you type subvertcentral.com into your browser, there was no way of your computer knowing where physically to look for the website.

anyway, we informed them of the errors yesterday morning and they gave us a 24h turnaround.

everything seem
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The question that travels the fabric of time. Who is scope?

Proven to be a generic entity that can morph with cunning.

See for yourself:
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If Christ was married to the cross....
then my father was married to mother
and i'm a cigarette lying in the gutter...
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Me when I was a little kiddy pic...
[Image: http://0-aid.hypermart.net/dj/mybrother.jpg]

wasn't I cute.......
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Was listening to this earlier.
Occassionaly, I listen in to my brother's broadcasts from Israel and Iraq for the Australian Broadcasting Commission.

I thought some of you might like to hear one of his lastest reports.


Because it's for national radio, I suppose it's done with a more "man on the street" perspective.
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Sirs, how was the video shoot?
? ? ?

Scatter Falcon Lisasax
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Puff Daddy was a spoddy swot
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So I was MCing for DJ Marky last night....
what is with this current trend of mind range analogue lfo'd riff tracks..

i.e. Twisted Individual.

i just don't feel them at all...

the only track he played which i liked was a 5 year old future cut thing on hardware...

oh well the kids seem to have liked it!

i have to admit he has some skills tho!

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