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Kill members of Sb the easy way .......
its so much easier now .......

:ak Scope

Sniper Bobule


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is it time to rethink the way we 'grow' meat ??
Suppose this is science related .................

after scrapie ... then BSE .... now stalks the deadly Bird Flu and SARS. I believe there is no such thing as cheap food .... as the UK govt's farcical attempt at controlling foot and mouth proves (which precipitated the disbandment of MAFF ,as they were a bunch of useless boffins or so it seems, and the bankrupcy of many small, independant farms). Maybe if a more common sense approach was adopted (i.e. not cramming them into 1 cm(3) of space e
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an innovative way to solve a complicated problem
how do you get a band to play alongside sequences that may change from day to day but still know where they are?


mmm kurzweils and logic
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So I finally found my way to this forum...
...you have pie?
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Plug on the way back...
breakin news! he has been spoted on the way back to the jungle, more detais as they arrive.

amen andrews volume 1 12" uk rephlex cat138e p
luke vibert aka plug aka wagon christ aka amen andrews back doing d&b… Falcon
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The way to get a great bass sound...
Shane Embury Wrote:none of this new strings nonsense! That's a fucking waste of time. Just leave your strings on for three weeks and then plug it into the dirtiest distortion box you can find.


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Processed Life Could break - Make Way For A Panther
Break 1 - huh!
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What’s the Best way to be able to burn AVI’s onto a DVD?
I’ve just purchased a DVD writer. I want to be able to burn off films I’ve downloaded from the net in AVI format. I’ve tried converting the AVI files with various converters, but I can’t seem to get Nero 6 to burn them. Can someone give be the best way of doing this?
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Macc: You use way too much DRUMS
I got your new CD.

Honestly, Macc, I don't think it would sell.

It doesn't have any catchy hooks.
I didn't catch any vocals in your tunes either.
Your music is a bit weird to me.
Maybe we could plan doing some collaborations with better-known artists, such as Madonna or Elton John, to get you some publicity value?
I could ask some producers for some musical ideas?

I think you should have more melodies too.
I suggest you spend your earnings on a synth and try coming up with some nic
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Best Christmas present ever all the way from Finland........
Lovesmilie Thank you Fanu! I got yer cd in the post just before I went home for chrimbo....rinsed it good n proper! Brilliant as always!

Your the breaks!

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