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Webspace anyone?
I got this chill-out mix with some Squarepushers, Vert, AFX, Animals On Wheels, Funki Porcini stuff on my HD...
If someone can help me out with some webspace Baffled I can provide you Twisted
Just let me know, would be great...
Author: st0p - Replies: 0 - Views: 276
free webspace for your mixes during beta
i just stumbled across a post on another forum that during beta sign up is for free at http://www.mixdepot.net

300 mb webspace / unlimited bandwidth Cool

i just signed up and it's working perfectly (right now i'm upping a mix i downloaded at work, but which isn't online anymore... so it's not my own... Oops ), just enter some crap when they ask for creditcard numbers etc.

i don't know for how long this will be working but i'll enjoy it for the moment. will upload my first home ma
Author: The Silent Coup - Replies: 1 - Views: 365
webspace - where dem?

does anyone know of any free webhosting sites where i could get about 500megs or so, in order to upload tunes n mixes for you listening pleasure?

i can imagine that they are hard to come by since no-one likes giving anything out for free, especially companies on the internet, but if hotmail or some other webshark can allow you a gig of space for emails n spam etc, then surely there are places with a few 100megs for mp3s.

any info will be appreciated.


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