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GIVE ME WEIGHT - The Dissident Sound System

My name is Adam...

I get to play on the full Dissident Rig tomorrow...

If you havent heard this rig, you really need to! Us bristol boys are spoilt!

/edit and now macc has contributed drumslut Twisted
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Jenna Jameson had skin cancer and lost boookoooo weight.
[Image: http://www.imnotobsessed.com/more/jenntmob.jpg]
[Image: http://usmagazine.com/files/jenna1_blog.jpg]

The best pictures I could find that showed how skinny she is now...like 90 pounds (40.82 kilograms). Read about it in the US Weekly mag in the dentist office today.


Looks like the CSI chick a little now.

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Vaccine- Medicate With Bass Weight

This is a year and a half old, and I've listened to it numerous times. As it's notably enjoyable, I thought I'd give the heads up for it here. If you don't want to join the above website to download it, do a Google search and it brings up various places you can grab it.

(00:00) 1. Helios- "Velius" (remix) [Unreleased, original Merck]
(02:43) 2. Boxcutter- "Gave Dub" (12" mix) [Planet Mu]
(06:20) 3. Vaccine- "Anaesthetic" [forthcoming
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Weight of vinyl?
Hey all,

I'm selling a load of records on IDNB and have had a couple of enquiries from outside dublin. I have a list of postage rates here, but have no idea how much vinyl weighs.

so... does anyone have approx. weights for:

1 x 12" + sleeve
1 x record mailer + stiffener.


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Use your weight
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V.A. - Weight Watching EP [Influenza Media]
Beatport Exclusive atm, other stores will follow shortly:



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