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Attn: whoever desparately wanted the new Metalheadz promo
Can't remember who it was or what thread I read it in now.

Anyway, saw this thread on DOA, someone mentioned they might be putting theirs copy on E-bay, dunno if it's worth getting in touch with them to see if they'd sell it to you.

That's assuming you haven't found a copy elsewhere!

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ATTN ESB, Union, Macc, Loris, whoever
pillars of hercules
4.00 pm
or what?

i'll check this thread before i go out tomorrow morning

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Attn PEZ, or whoever it was I bumped into at Custard Factory

I know I saw a subvert there, I was mashed but I saw a subvert there I know it and I'm pretty sure it's you Pez, I think it was you because of the pic in your thing. Anyway, sorry if I said anything bad I was mashed the whole night. Was funny cos I chatted a lot of bollocks to Doc Scott as well, we sneaked behind the Dj booth and chilled there, I think a lot of DJ's have lost weight, they must have stopped eating or something!

Skitty and Fabio rocked, as did Heist. I'm really lovin
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All [whoever] mixes
for some reason ive come across a load of excellent all [whoever] mixes. normally not a huge fan of these, but these are all excellent.

Autechre, boards of Canada, Aphex twin, spring heel jack, future sound of london (Lovesmilie them all)


carl craig


jeff mills


t-power (pre-shite)


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