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Jonny L - the break used in hurt you so

Anyone know what its called coome on beat heads this is a classic break been after it for time.

Thanx in advance

Pretty sure it's a processed Think break.

Yeah I think the think break excuse the pun is layered in there but youve got the "uh iyha" part if that makes sense.. The break got hammered around 92-93 period loads of tracks featured it. The most recent track I can recall that features it is loose control by M.I.S.T on Metalheadz but it just drops in every now & again.

i just picked up the vocal mix of hurt you so on e-bay


Will dig out my copy of Loose Control later on...

Fincy - nice one! How much did that set you back?

def made up from a few different breaks ... and def a lot of think in there!

i think the vocal bit at the end of the first bar might be from / also used in buffalo stance by neneh cherry ...

if i remember right you can sample it from the start of one of the mixes of hurt you so ...

Just checked Buffalo stance and didnt notice it. I might have tto sample it from hurt u so. Dont think that was the first trak to use it. Its all a bit of a blur that era but that was the biggest trak of its time to use it. Was really after the original song it came from.

I thought the "ahhh" at the end of that break was form a song called "Buffalo Gals" from the begining of the 80's....

Malcolm mclaren - buffalo girls. yeah know what you mean its more of a pahhhh that sound Im almost certain the Jonny L thing is a full braek and not just vocal snippets put over the top

what break is on straight out of compton (nwa) thats in hurt you so aswell. or is all "think"

i'm trying to find this break too.... 10 years later :P

anyone know where to get it?

(not just the think break)

found it, of course sampled from the tune itself

in Blu Mar Ten's epic jungle / hardcore breaks pack

!!!! Smile

Johnny L sampled it from this...
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