FAO Blue: in defence of Sci-Clone's "El Son"


Croms Wrote:Loris


sileni Wrote:i'm not able to read the whole thread right now, but i just want to say that the best ever musical device (to me) that dance/electronic music fully wringed out or "claimed" is the sampled chord or sampled bundle/stab of notes (and the implementation of such in note/chord progressions in the tunes)...

for some reason i always love the sound of chord progressions that do nothing but modulate up/down/wherever while retaining the exact same intervals/voicing (i.e. Gm7 -> Bbm7 -> Am7 -> Fm7, all with 1-7-3-5 voicings or something), and sampling chords in electronic music does that exactly, except it's less natural sounding (the timbre modulates too with sampled sounds unfortunately/fortunately) and the ear expects the chords to be modal (i.e. Gm7 -> Bbmaj7) by default in a progression, so it's become it's own weird point of departure for me... i have a difficult time weaning myself off playing with thick stabs or thick string washes where one key triggers 8-note voicings with assloads of tensions in them... it's so fun to hear the ease of modulating with one finger with such huge sounds... overlaying them... aggh...

rave stabs qualify too, but they're too dunderheaded for me at times....

Once again, you come correct.

Now where's my CD bizatch?

bump... very interesting argument

...i for one, being both a jazz musician and someone who does sampler based music (but not very well Hahaha), cringe when i hear self professed geniuses like Simon slam a whole current of music that was in many ways the mother of all the music he's referring to... the utmost in pseudo-intellectual and misinformed, not to mention prejudiced... he really doesn't know or appreciate jazz or other music that doesn't fit his rather narrow concept of music by such comments, imo

...just sitting here and listening to tracks like Amalgamation of Sounds' "guilty as charged" and Les Gammas vs. Karl Berger's "discipline", my argument against people like Simon's and the whole issue of intonation and harmony+melody is reinforced... all imo of course, listen and judge for oneself i always recommend...

...and at the end of the same lp, is a track that perfectly exemplifies "hardcore" modulation but further twists it in a way that makes it sound jazzy ("its all related to life" by procreation, fourth mode chords that move in a 1, 1-1/2, 4, 7 progression...bad!)

What the hell was I on about? I've come a long way since then, let me check out that track again!

SETI Wrote:bump... very interesting argument

how'd you find this thread then? Grin

i was doing a search with the keyword 'compost' since i was spinning the compost 100 lp and digging it very much, saw sci-clone mentioned (love them!)

It's a 1 year bump!!!

The oldest ever?

Düffah Wrote:It's a 1 year bump!!!

The oldest ever?

3 year bump Wink

The only thing I'd disagree with now is this bit...

(7th March 2003, 01:07)Statto Wrote: such as... "any spare change" by jessica & martin simpson – jessica has an appalling voice, weak, thin, barely able to hold a note – and martin can only have done a record with her because she's his wife – but on this one track (which is about someone on the street begging for change) it works beautifully.

over time I've come to like Jessica's voice – and to say Martin only did the record because she was his wife is both patronizing and completely wrong, because she wrote all the songs ffs

respect (and apologies) are due Oops

I like "El Son" up until the 5:10 mark when it turns into very cheesy Easy Listening Jazz of some kind. The sax is just not very good.

The tension strings are not misplaced by the way. I think they add pretty nice harmonic dissonance, if that makes sense, and it works pretty good as well with the synth @4:21.

Just my 2 cents.

This thread - Willynilly

Not read thru the whole of the thread but Sci-Clone were/are one of drum & bass' most important musical projects. A real lost opportunity and shame an album never materialised from this

That said, I don't remember thinking much of "El-Son"

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classic thread


(23rd May 2017, 16:06)Statto Wrote: classic thread



They have a new 12" on Metalheadz soon, maybe even an album I here (Jason likes to do albums).

It is "fusion" innit?


I'm listening to the tune now..


You never hear this debate in house and/or techno to a lesser degree, mainly because the groove is always there or implied, jazz is an influence, as are latin sounds, etc, which are musics that have improvised elements from the root.

But i do get the "sample" debate. Yes, like hiphop, jungle, dnb would be nothing without samples, out of tune or not.

Some people are one man jazz bands too. Kevin Yost does a similar improv live house set, which goes down a treat, imo. It is never questioned in house music it seems.


and then there's this, which I've never heard before today...


(24th May 2017, 10:46)Metric Wrote: They have a new 12" on Metalheadz soon, maybe even an album I here (Jason likes to do albums).

Wow! Hyper Good news

(28th September 2017, 09:25)Statto Wrote: and then there's this, which I've never heard before today...

A Sides Feat. Nathan Haines - Ave Maria

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