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an here mpc2000xl? anyone have akai

Thread Contributor: DJFractureAnyone here have an Akai MPC2000XL?

a mate just bought one.. now it has a scsi port, but some bloke in *cough* turnkey *cough* told him you can connect it to a computer?

surely thats not the case?

even my Akai s2000 is connected to a computer (got a Zip drive between em).


Well if hes got scsi on the MPC and A scsi card in his com then....its obvious isnt it.

Ive got mine like this.

Sampler (not MPC) > External Zip drive > SCSI CD burner > Computer.
And it works fine.

i've got 8 out's for the akai s2000 for sale and i think it fit's in the mpc 2000.

as for your question, i think if it's got a scsi card you can conect it to your computer...

i had an mpc2000xl with the floppy drive...what an expensive midi controller...thats about all its good for.

don't the new one's come with zip drives built in? that was the main purpose of the old scsi right?
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