i'm gonna bash! my neurosis cd's have been nicked!

start a thread whilst at work at fresh central regatding neurosis.....
come home to look for the afformentioned artists on cd....gone!
still have "pain of mind" and "souls at zero" on vinyl .....but my
"word as law" and "enemy of the sun" cd's are gone!

had a roomie a few years back whom i figured had sticky fingers...
he knew i had so many cd's that it would take me a few to realize
i was missing some crucial disks (my cd's get neglected large.....
in terms of the attention ratio given to it vs. my vinyl collection....

fuck! i loved "the word as law"!


:mental note to self:.....no roomies or people around my musixc

ps......can bootlegs are non-existent in my cd's Icon_sad


my Neurosis cds are mashed!!!

bollocks man...any cd i have thats over 7 years old is mutilated....

Blue Wrote:bollocks man...any cd i have thats over 7 years old is mutilated....

big up all vinyl crew


glad i still have my tribes of neurot cd left....

been jamming souls at zero and folding laundry....

i feel like killing Smile

i love of the references to clive barker's "great and secret show"

Esb now rocking out some chokebore

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