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How Do I Apply VST Audio Effects to Emu Emulator X Tracks

Not been round these parts for a while, but just a quick question…. I have just been getting used to Cubase SX (ta Duff) and bought an EMU Emulator X sampler / card too so that I wasn't stuck using Logic with a soft sampler developed after it ended on the PC.
Plus my Logic Platinum started corrupting every song I worked on which almost drove me to tears. When I lost the last one I thought f'K it, I may as well switch to Cubase.
They seem to get on well enough and I can get a song made up using the Emu within Cubase alongside a few midi tracks to my Supernova, but I can't seem to work out how to apply audio plugin FX from within Cubase (or the ones within the Emulator card for that matter either) to the outputs of the VST instrument channels.
It was really easy in Logic, you just inserted FX into the path of the VST channel and voila - effected sounds from the VST, but in Cubase, because it treats VSTs as midi, it only comes up with the midi plugins when you go to insert an effect like delay or filters etc…
Anyone know how to do this?? Its bugging me, cos that was why I went for the Emu - Z plane filters and a DSP card (supposedly) available within the VST domain. I have downloaded the latest update - I thought this now made this happen without having to mix down in Patchmix (joy)….

You have it arse over tit mate Grin

In Logic, midi channels are tied to the vsti they are made for (well, they were in the last logic I used).

In cubase, there is a difference between in and out from a vsti.

The midi tracks are going into whichever vst you assign it to, which can be changed on the fly (which couldn't be done in logic). The audio output comes out into the mixer and HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MIDI CHANNELS. Logic users alllllways moan about this 'There's too many channels!' - but tough shit, it is the way cubase works, it isn't shit, it is different (eh dgoHn? Grin ). :P

Aaaaaaanyway, the answer is to open the mixer (f3). Fuck the midi channels off, you can hide them (there are hide buttons on the left of the mixer - make sure the mouse is showing tips (in arrange page I think), open the mixer and hide the midi channels. The faders are only scaling factors for velocity anyway.

Then make sure you are NOT hiding VSTi channels - you should see the audio making the output channel jump around - in your case EMU-X channel 1 or whatever. This output channel is just like a normal audio channel (albeit playing from a different source), and you can apply FX on it just like any other audio channel.

These VST output channels are held in the 'VST instrument channels' folder track on the arrange page, which is created when you load a VSTi.

Hope this helps, I am sure you will have more questions, so go ahead man Wink
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Ta for the tips...

Hopefully give this a go tonight Smile

Always a complete mission when you change working practices...

I went and bought a new pc cos the old one died, sold the Yamaha sampler, changed to Cubase from Logic and decided on a completely different sampler OS - the Emu - as I had a pc good enough to run it....

And what with moving house and a new job, not made a single track in 7months! Logic ate the only one I finished which is why I swapped over.

Should have known I would have had to learn how to make music again from scratch Wink

Macc Wrote:it isn't shit, it is different (eh dgoHn? Grin ). :P

Fuck Off. Mad


This foxed me too the max when I first got SX, cos 5.1 was more like the Logic set up.

Anyway, what Macc said. The show/hide buttons are in a column on the left hand side of the mixer, they are symbols (the MIDI channel symbol looks like a MIDI jack).

I've just been foxed in general for a while now by most of my new setup Roll

Playing with the Emu that needed a couple of updates to fix issues that should have been in Ver.1 didn't help neither Wink

CYGNUS 26 Wrote:I've just been foxed in general for a while now by most of my new setup Roll

Playing with the Emu that needed a couple of updates to fix issues that should have been in Ver.1 didn't help neither Wink

Its always the simple stuff that has you perplexed I find.

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