Andy C tune id

Just read this on another forum :

Quote:on a side note, a year or two ago ANDY C was starting his sets out with a track that contained about 5 minutes of free jazz drumming before getting to the tearout. haven't heard free jazz sampled so explicitly before in that context...

What tune could that be ? Baffled

hmm there was a tune by sonic and silver with these drum rolls all the way through the intro - a bit like the intro rolls in too doggone funky... it wasnt really 'free jazz drumming', rather a few rolls

and then it dropped into a standard two-step eeeeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrrr kind of thing... i remember thinking man what a letdown

yeah i think it's Sonic & Silver - Boogie Nightz (possibly VIP version, not sure) that came out on Science Fiction about 2 years ago

Yeah it was a sonic & silver tune the main freestyle drumming part was in the break down it drops in to a 130 odd bpm solo. It was supposed to be on the LP that was due on virus i think but as that never materialised I dont think it actually came out. I didnt mind it actually will try and find out the name of it.

Yep boogie nights vip it was

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