"A Moment of Clarity" 90 minute mix by me

i am very happy to finally have a mix to post up after months of binge drinking and general slackery...

exactly how it is to be enjoyed Smile

please download (right click & save)

D Bridge & Fierce - Twilight (Quarantine)
MC Conrad & Makoto - Golden Girl (Good Looking)
Keaton & Verse - White Crow (Crunch)
Calibre & Zero Tolerance - Diamonds & Pearls (Advanced)
D Bridge - China Blue (Liquid V)
Graphic ft. Beans - I Am Metal *dub (Offshore)
Seba & Paradox ft. Robert Manos - Move On *dub (Hospital)
D Bridge vs. Fierce - Daylight (Exit vs Quarantine)
Influx UK - Special Black (Formation)
Deep Blue - Soho Code *version X (Offshore)
Seba - Breaks Selection (Combination)
Alpha Omega - Steppa Dub VIP (Forestry Service)
Tactile - Caravan (Dispatch)
Breakage - So Mars (Bassbin)
Seba - External Reality (Secret Operations)
Spirit - Can't Let Go (Inneractive Music)
Fracture & Neptune - Too Doggone Funky (Inperspective)
Fracture & Neptune - The Ice Planet (Outsider)
Seba & Paradox - It's Not A Dream (Paradox Music)
Polska - Swept (Inperspective)

i accidently took the mix into overtime. i'll cut the set in half ppl who would like it on CD or tape sometime soon

and post in the Beat Ranch like i'm supposed to :P

on the d/l...

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This looks deadly Capro .... last mix I downloaded by you was top notch!

On the d/l now, looks wicked!
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looks bangin' homie! Xyxthumbs
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looks good man! Xyxthumbs
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batfink Wrote:bwabba bwabba bwabba NORK NORK NORK NORK bwabba bwabba bwabba NORK NORK bwabba NORK.

thanks guys

there's a few loose chops here and there, but such is life when you drink yourself into a vibe Hahaha

Good stuff. Great track selection(as usual). Could be my new favorite of yours.

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