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oliver craner Wrote:Pay Attention at the Front

I mean really, let's shape up a little, eh?

Akbar Ganji is close to concluding his hunger strike in Iran's most brutal prison - concluding, that is, with starvation - and still the only paper to report his plight is the New York Sun, and only The National Review's Rachel Zabarkes Friedman and Micheal Ledeen proffer vocal support. What a disgrace!

If you please, compare and contrast, and then tell me what the fuck is going on here?

Is Ganji's epic stand against theofascism not even worth comment in our media? Why? Because of the Bush Administration's supposed agenda, an agenda which, right now, chimes with democratric revolution in Iran (urgently desired by many and lots within the Revolutionary Republic) and preventing Islamic totalitarians from acquiring nuclear weapons? What species of weird, fucked-up, inverse solidarity is this? Those who peddle it have abandoned Ganji. But if he dies, the reaction in Iran will be massive. As another Iranian political prisoner, Amir Abbas Fakhravar, put it: "If anything ever happens to Mr. Ganji a revolution will happen in Iran...Ganji is not a member of a particular opposition group or party, but every group loves him and has respect for him. The whole society will rise up." I should add: demonstrations against the regime, from the Women's and Student's resistance movements among others, are routine, and routinely suppressed, usually with gratuitous force.

Time to speak up. Well past time. Start with Ganji. Google that name. Tell your friends about him. And do it now, because he could be dead within days.

possibly its falling victim of 'boy who cried wolf' syndrome...

mr bush has lost a lot of credability (concidering he had little to begin with) in many western nations... and especially the media of many of the us's traditional allies. it may be that when bush says something worth while, that the rest of the world isnt listening any more...

certainly bush spends a lot of his time bad mouthing the islamic world anyway be it legitimate or not - its hard to distinguish when hes actually saying something meaningful.

all the pressure the world can muster, and even that of the united states government has failed in the past to make iran do anything.. what will make this time different? change needs to come from within iran and all the outside world can do is promote this change the best we can...

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