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nsfw cheat dont

Thread Contributor: subvert!! dont cheat (nsfw) !!

or your wife might do this:

bogota resident emilo savez was critically wounded tonight when his
wife, in a fit of rage, attacked her husband with a wood axe, lodging
it in his forehead. the 36 year old father of three was rushed to st.
vincent's hospital when his frantic wife called police after swinging
an axe into his face. apparently maria savez caught her estranged
husband in bed with the family housekeeper, and in a fit of rage ran to
the garage and got a wood axe, then proceeded back to their bedroom.
once there a struggle ensued, and mrs. savez ended up on top of her
husband, then swung the axe and impaled mr. savez in his forehead. shocked
surgeons spent six hours removing and repairing the damage from the axe,
and surprisingly mr. savez is expected to make a full recovery. minor brain
damage to the front temporal lobes is expected, but mr. savez is expected
to be able to lead a normal life once
his wounds have healed.



That's exactly what I just said out loud, Mark!

Fucking hell!
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i feel sick


holy shit i cant believe that guy is still alive Icon_eek

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