possibly the worst music writing ever

From the fittingly named anus.com :

Quote:Production: Crepitant garage with harangue of overtone but representative and atmospheric fuzz of guitar tone and distortion, with rough aesthetik encompassing the noisy needs of these pieces.

Quote:The resonant use of harmony to code out melody through serial transmission of information or silence creates an abstract symbologism itself, in which an emphasis like the repeated motions of a dance and the transfer of energy within the kineticism of the dancer through reference and development swings forth variations that foreshadow or absorb elements of theme.

Quote:Focused on the insane as a deliberate corruption of structure to serve the needs of narrative in the way that events in life converge despite seeming illogicality, these songs develop concept in perversity and sensual rejection of purity for evolution of the liquid parts of consciousness emphasizing the unsayable subtext lurking beneath socialization in the conditioned human mind.

Quote:Nihilistic in an approach to themes and structure that opportunistically allocates tonal and rhythmic methods of interweaving elements of progressive narrative as "song structure" that covers an evolving motif series which exposes a core theme, usually essential to that of the initiation of the piece as harmonized through structure to a variant leaving open melodic space in a state of dissonance yet rhythmically and in most cases, structurally through resolution in chromatic riff phrase progressions, reductive and deconstructive. Internally shifting rhythms and opposing spatial reclamations of inertia power strange and perverse twists of modal phrasing which inject rhythm of geometrical opposition to all expectation in the smaller sense in which the listener conceives of forward motion in tonal completion of phrase.


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