Do other countries have retarded shit like this...

or is it a german thing ?
i bet there are similar campaigns in north korea :

Quote:you are the wings! you are the tree! you are germany!

the german media has launched a massive campaign to try to get germany out of the dumps. it's an insult to innocent tv viewers throughout the country, says harald jähner.

it's awful the way germans wrestle with themselves. worse still, when they suddenly stop. anyone who has unwittingly fallen prey to the new campaign "du bist deutschland" (you are germany) will have been reminded of this bit of folk wisdom. there you are, sleepily sprawled in front of the telly, all ready to hit the hay and then it comes: "you are the miracle of germany", the screen blares and yes, it does mean you and me, and personally too. "not the others, you. you are germany!" "take your foot off the brakes!" a child of all things exclaims, and a woman cyclist in a helmet proclaims, "there are no speed limits on the german motorway!"

"du bist franz beckenbauer"

then on comes katarina witt and looks you, the old couch potato, right in the eye and prompts, "what about putting some wind in your own sails again?" err, don't think so, a voice inside you says, but there's no peace for the wicked: "you are a part of everything," the voice intones, and this everything points a long gnarled uncle sam finger at you, indicating cannon fodder. you just want to slip off the sofa and get out of the line of vision asap, but the voice goes on: "and everything is a part of you. you are germany. your will is like a kick up the arse."

but i'm not nietzsche or uri geller. my will is not the spoon-bending type. "achieve what you are capable of achieving", says the conductor justus frantz with the conciliatory air of a trainer tired of snapping at you all day. and celebrity after celebrity then lines up to give their tuppence: "and when you're done with that, outdo yourself. beat your wings and uproot trees. you are the wings. you are the tree. you are germany."

"du bist ludwig van beethoven"

then the phantom is gone. you pinch yourself to check you're not dreaming. what on earth was that? that was the start of the largest social campaign ever undertaken in this country. twenty five media enterprises, major corporations, der spiegel, the frankfurter allgemeine zeitung, the süddeutsche zeitung and the westdeutsche allgemeine zeitung, the public and the major private channels are all currently waging a campaign "du bist deutschland" to boost the mood in germany. it is the answer of the cumulative power of the media to german misery. but unfortunately it's also an insult to the viewers.

[Image: vomitvictim.gif]

Don't get me started on this :gnawsthroughchairleg:

"Deutschland muss sterben damit wir leben können" Teef

littleNemo Wrote:"Deutschland muss sterben damit wir leben können" Teef
ah, old Slime. Grin

germany must be able to live to die? Chin (i'm probably wrong Oops )

is this is an echo of something previous, or is it something current?

personally, i don't think germany is the only country to campaign like this. it seems the us go through the same motions, and certainly possible that hong kong would do it.

interesting as to why the media took the initiative to do it. obviously ecomony related, but if it's not happened before, why now?!

sir loris of crowthorne Wrote:germany must be able to live to die? Chin (i'm probably wrong Oops )
haha, wrong. Icon_razz

germany's gotta die, so we can live.


See disclaimer.

Sounds really cringey!


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