Nude Brits shop while drunk

Nude Brits shop while drunk
Completely BLOTO online
Published Thursday 3rd November 2005 11:35 GMT

A growing number of Britons are taking their wallets online after the pub closes, according to new research.

The number of people logging on to the internet to shop after having several drinks is on the rise, customer experience firm Conchango claims in a study into online spending behaviour.

The research shows a rise in a new spending syndrome dubbed BLOTO, or Buying Loads Of Tat Online, with seven per cent of Britons now claiming they know someone who has gone shopping on the web for items they don't need whilst intoxicated.

"These findings throw a new light on internet spending and pose a number of questions for retailers as they develop new online products and services," said Paul Dawson, head of customer experience at Conchango.

"While it's important that retailers offer a consistent experience across all channels, they need to bear in mind that many of their customers will behave very differently when in the comfort of their own homes and 'hidden' behind the anonymity afforded by the internet."

The survey also found that people disconnect their inhibitions when surfing the net, with six per cent of Britons claiming they know someone who has shopped online in a state of undress.

But whether they are buying birthday gifts in their birthday suits or are just plain drunk, Dawson said the message here is that web customers are hard to predict.

He said that retailers must consider what impacts consumers' online shopping decisions and accordingly try to tailor new features to their websites.


Quote:BLOTO, or Buying Loads Of Tat Online

Hahaha Hahaha Hahaha Genius.
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I've done that before. Never look at ebay after a trip to the pub.

Unsane Wrote:Never look at ebay after a trip to the pub.

no indeed


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