The Vibez/13 Music 2006 USA Tour!

Incognito is proud to present


featuring Equinox, Subject 13 & Quest 1 MC!!

2006 will see the eagerly awaited Vibez Recordings/13 music Global TOUR, Fronted by Legendry producer/label owner/ SUBJECT 13. There will also be appearances from other Vibez Artistes MC’S such as QUEST 1 MC (from Holland). Also the Special guest dj on Vibez usa tour will be the Mighty EQUINOX. The theme of the tour will showcase music from forthcoming albums/ singles releases such as: Subject 13 presents the Sonar Project various artist compilation vol 1,2,3, Paradox’s Drum Funk Vol. 1 various artist, ALASKA new LP ARTIIC FOUNDATION. SEBA'S long awaited NEW solo album (as yet untitled). ALSO THE NEW PAUZE LP FROM FANUSAMURAI TITLED FOCUSED MINDS ALONG SIDE USA ARTIST TRACKS FROM ORION, STUNNA & SUBMORPHICS.


[Image: Equinox2.jpg]

Brought up in Southeast London on a diet of Dub,70s - 80s soul, jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, Detroit techno and much, much more, all the signs pointed to Equinox’s eventual involvement with music from an early age. ??Introduced to the scene at an early age via exposure to acid house and techno by his uncles, Equinox was drawn to the more beat driven side of things – Black Dog, 4 Hero, Shut Up And Dance, Forge Masters, Nightmares on Wax – whilst also gaining inspiration from techno/ house pioneers such as Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Derrick May and Larry Heard. ??However, it wasn’t just electronic music that were major musical influences – pretty much anything laid back, mellow and chilled floated from his speakers. Ray Burns, Weather Report, Donald Byrd, Quincy Jones, Roy Ayers, Don Blackman, Yabby U, King Tubby and Jah Shaka all form part of Equinox’s musical heritage. ??But it was always the breakbeat side of things that featured large in Equinox’s own productions. At the age of 15, he got his break. By chance, he met Bizzy B, owner of legendary label Brain Records, and gave him a demo tape – the next thing he knew, Bizzy was on the phone asking him to come down to the Brain Records studio, and work began on the “Brain Records Crew EP”. In addition to releases on Brain, Equinox's music also featured on React offshoot, Kickin Records, and on Hard Kickin Toonz. ??From there, Equinox ventured into other fields, exploring house and garage, including work with the much-respected Groove Chronicles label, before returning to the drum n bass scene. Since then, he’s worked his magic across the drum n bass spectrum, from the smoother, melodic material on Bassbin,Breakin and Warm Communications, to the pure science unleashed on Inperspective, Intasound and Planet Mu and Metalheadz showcasing perfectly the full 360° of music from which he draws his inspiration. ??Over the years that followed meeting Bizzy B, Equinox has worked with a host of other artists, including Threshold (Special Branch), Senses, DJ Dubplate, The original DJ Renegade, Outrage, Breakage and Also engineered the 2004 remix of DJ Crystl’s Warpdrive, released on Photek Productions. ??Equinox has also set up a label with Breakage called Scientific Wax to put out more music they believe in.


[Image: subject13.gif]

Subject –n /’sabd3ikt a any person , except a monarch, living under a government

13 – Thirteen / - Deemed to be unlucky, different. Non Conventional

Subject 13, to those that were not in the scene from day dot, is one of the pioneers of the UK urban sound, … those that know are also aware that S:13 is Raw, his heart pounds to the beat of a drum and he’s back coupling his vast experiences of dealing with and producing years of music for many Major and top Independent labels around the world, He is due to be releasing more groundbreaking music in the year 2004. Your found out here first…..

The mercurial Dave Stewart, a.k.a "Subject 13” hustled his way into the music scene from the streets of Hoxton and /Shoreditch to be a pioneer of the dance floor synth sound with the instant classic track "Eternity", which stormed the underground world on the well-known UK label Vinyl Solutions.

His second single “Promise” amplified his larger than life popularity as the track made the UK charts while also working with some of music's big names, such as producer Alan Scott (Standing on the Shoulders of Giants - Oasis). His development of the rave sound allowed him to later on direct the d&b music scene with "Oceans" signed to Fabio's label 'Creative Source' and "Faith" signed to LTJ Bukem's label 'Good Looking'. The creativity and unique style of Subject 13 sets him apart from the crowd, and just as it did back then gained him respect from all echelons…. "(Subject 13 is a) Living example of true individualism" (DJ Magazine).

Whilst the likes of Bukem, Fabio, Ray Keith and Grooverider continued to push the Subject 13 sound on the dance-floors, Dave Stewart was busy creating his own outlet "Vibez Recordings". The label and its subsequent artists showcased their talents to the musical world and proved that their sound stretched past the conventional and have since been described as "Responsible for some of the most moving music of recent times" (Eternity Magazine)??The gifted contribution to music that S:13 made was later on recognized worldwide, leading Sony Japan to snap up the chance to promote him in 1997. The deal was a hallmark of his successes throughout the 1990’s and made sure his music was given a piece of the limelight amongst internationally acclaimed Dj's, Fabio & Grooverider, Roni Size, LTJ Bukem, Adam F and Goldie who continued to elevate and cement S:13’s rightful place within the dnb world.

SUBJECT13 went on to complete an exclusively solo album for Sony Japan, named ‘Disclosed Knowledge’ which included some epic tracks. His second album, ‘Vibez Presents’ allowed S13 to bring in talented newcomers that were being promoted in the Vibez camp and gave them a unique opportunity to express themselves on the international scene. The artists included the likes of Intense, Total Science and State of the Art. All of which later to work with major labels.

As an artist, Subject 13 continued to DJ in Holland, Switzerland, Estonia, Germany, Sweden, Finland and France to packed out crowds full of S:13 devotees. He was soon picked up by 'Crammed/BMG' and completed the ‘Black Steele Project’, an album featuring a floating a mixture of jazz, house, R&B and hip-hop resulting in the lighter side of the D- Boy’s work. Amidst all this, he still found time to run an under 18's night called "Subbase", to bring D&B to London’s youngsters "in a way that would both entertain and educate them about the music"(London Evening Standard) ??August 2000 saw the refreshing sound of Subject 13 revamped once again with the unconventional masterpiece, ‘Quarter of a Million’ on 'State of the Art Recordings' which remains a crowd favourite to this day. and the Vibez single "Muma Cuba". Both singles received critical acclaim as "yet another example of the precise tunesmanship that is so typical of Subject 13" (D’n’B record of the month –DJ Magazine)

The summer of 2002 saw Subject 13 as an artist and producer signing with media giants EMAP Performance Network who realized his adaptability and unique production sound. (EMAP are Owners of the Brands Kiss100, Kerrang, Q Magazine, and Box TV amongst others.)

His recent disappearance since has been due to the re structuring of his imprint Vibez Recordings, as well as producing and developing a fresh new sounds for the future for he has been working behind the scenes, striving to nurture fresh talent from all around the world from all various genres of music, if it strikes the vibe it will be in the Vibez camp. Like all great producers and artists, David is growing and developing, moving with the times and laying a platform for the future, not for just himself but prospective fresh talent being signed to his imprint and production company. Subject 13 is currently working on several production projects, a few of which are collaborations with notorious producers such as Cameron McVey and Nelly Hooper.

Also released early/mid 2005 was the SUBJECT 13 albums – Past, Present, Phuture Parts I & II- a collection of Subject 13’s greatest works over the years packaged together for the very first time.

These albums allowing a new generation to find the start of probably the most fresh and classy urban sound which has been developed and created, and to lay a platform for a transition into the fresh new sounds that Subject 13 has developed. "people who know of me will not be surprised by the diversity".

And they will be even less surprised about the quality.

2005 saw subject13 really concentrate on his vibez imprint, the lp signing of both seba and Alaska/paradox alongside a host of new brilliant artist gave subject 13 time to build one of drum & basse’s best evr labels. Now with vibz firmly back at the helm of things we see subject13 once again back in the studio preparing some great tracks for his forthcoming album which is due for a late November release 2006.

With a book full of dj global dates the drum & bass guru is full on busy with all aspects of the music biz, so try to cath the 13 man were and when you can, history in the making.

The original Cockney lad himself, Subject 13 was born and bred in London. Before making his name as one of Drum and Bass's brightest lights, he developed his appreciation for music by having late night listening sessions as a young un. 'I was always messing about with records from a young age and got hooked and fascinated with it, I couldn't stop playing my parents records which ended up with my breaking the needle on the record player. Naturally i was banned from using it again, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. would sneak up out of bed at night to listen to pirate stations and play records at a really low level..naturally, so they couldn't hear it. It was daring and fun and led to me falling in love with music. One of the best times in my life. The Drum and Bass route came about after countless nights messing with Hardcore. I started by going to a local youth center where they allowed us to mess around with decks and samplers. I loved it a lot and got permission from the guy running the place to come in on my own to put together a few ideas I had. That idea turned out to be first track. the engineer was so impressed, he suggested taking it to a label. The label was Vinyl Solution and the rest as they say is history.' With musical influences ranging from the sublime Motown sound of Stevie wonder, George Benson to hip hop legend Dr. Dre and Pink Floyd, subject 13 learned to appreciate the sounds emitting from the boombox. With his first love being music, he sought about creating an identity for himself. One that would not only see him stand out from his peers, but would also set him apart as a man of stounch principles and ideology. The man behind the name explains... 'The name means freedom for all. Subject is how the government see us, but we should be free people. We are tagged, tracked and programmed through credit cards and National Insurance numbers, so I chose the number 13 to signify change, freedom and rebellion. Seen as bad luck for some, I turned it around to be used and perceived as a positive. It's a constant reminder never to lose focus, to never forget who I am. I Was always going to have that name. 'I love diverse forms of music and will always have my own labels to reflect that. I love tracks with or without vocals, so long as they're good and move me. I'd like to think five years from now, I would have built enough of a platform and gained enough respect within the community to take a step back and chill out a bit. If i get the time that would great but for now its onwards like a frontline soldier.  


[Image: pic2.jpg]

Melodic crooner, energetic scream, eyes closed grooving unconcerned to the music, getting the crowd going, getting the crowd screaming …these and many more are some of the few phrases used to describe Quest One Mc
Born in the UK from an early age he lived amongst different cultures and thier music shows it’s influence?He did not really pick up music till a sort of latish age as the story goes but due to some pleasant coincidences he finds himself in Amsterdam where the calling is too strong to deny ,the voice gets stronger and the compliments get headier.

First an Organiser and then an Artist Quest One Mc has played with loads of artists and collaborations with more than a few ; Suspicious White Powder, Plastic Hifi , SUWU3 & Phone Home to name a few bands at present he is busy working with such amazing producers such as Skitty , Subject 13, Infuse and Bong Ra

He holds residencies at 4 parties in holland here at Amsterdamaged and IChiOne and Haagenbaaz but has also been invited to play across the nation as far North as Gronigen and as far south as Sittard the fourth will be his first residency in the UK at the famed Acoustixx night of Vibez Recordings with this he holds the title as the first Dutch bred talent to get a residency in the UK (Mecca of DNB) from work done in Holland.Just recently he has been confirmed as one of 3 Dutch artists to grace the stage of Innovation weekend in Amsterdam
The warm yet inviting deepness to the voice he possess guarantees you will find something to attach yourself to in his music …he is one with the belief that the vibe and feeling comes first before any music and therefore does his best to lace his music with these feelings accordingly

Feel free to find out more at at the moment he is also about to present his latest round of work with Suwu3 and
Bong Ra watch this space to hear more

For more information or booking inquiries, please contact:

Ashley Collier
Incognito Artist Management LLC
AIM - incognitoagency
[Image: incognito_black.jpg]


looking good

*ashley* Wrote:[...] seba's long awaited new solo album (as yet untitled).
also the new pauze lp from fanusamurai titled focused mind.


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I didnt know Equinox was a vibez artist?

DJFracture Wrote:I didnt know Equinox was a vibez artist?

Yeah, that's what I thought... He's not.

Nothing here:

Unless he has something forthcoming on Vibe'z...?
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well it says Guest dj for the USA to me it didnt sound like Equinox being a Vibes artist.

Quote:Also the Special guest dj on Vibez usa tour will be the Mighty EQUINOX
[Image: Traffic_CRB_FR.gif]

nice. we're in for a treat this summer. Grin

very nice.

looking forward to a new york installment of this tour :-d

promoters Wink ?

spell my album name one more time in plural, and I shall slap your asses with my funky chopsticks! Teef

fanny samuel - 'fuck a dime LP'?

at least someone is getting it remotely right! Hahaha

dude the x-i tune of yours roxx...erbanta played it on our last show Falcon

The man with two brains............

fanu Wrote:spell my album name one more time in plural, and I shall slap your asses with my funky chopsticks! Teef

fanu Wrote:dude the x-i tune of yours roxx...erbanta played it on our last show Falcon

thanks dude! kinda feel distanced from it now 'cause i finished it about 3 years ago, but you know how that goes...Baffled Icon_razz :d

congratulations and save traveling

will be a wicked tour mate, good luck over there guys Wink

ooooh snap! yes yes yesirreee - was thinking of getting my arse over to SF for Paradox and now this :P when are the dates for this? Some of my favourite dnb talent and my fav mc Quest 1 Icon_yippee

All id have to do after that would be to make it to a Technicality night to hear Chris Inp (my other fav mc) & the crew to make my life complete Lol

fanu Wrote:spell my album name one more time in plural, and I shall slap your asses with my funky chopsticks! Teef

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we'll definitely be pickin' this up for nc...

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tour dates anyone? Icon_eek

hey mods, shouldnt this be a sticky? Grin

if it was DOA yes.

Word of Mouth Lp-Thermal Records-out now.Artwork courtesy of Structure.
[Image: wordofmouthcover.jpg]

'There's no such thing as selling out just buying in'

Chuck D


too many plug threads to make them all stickies Kisskiss

I guess I need to find myself a booking agent too right, to get anything sorted in the US these days

a quick bump for me friends
good luck

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