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Multiple laptops live

Anyone here ever do a gig with multiple laptops (with Ableton Live)??

myself and a mate are looking at doing a live show together, but we could do with some ideas about how to best split the workload.

any ideas?

Whole tracks split across both pcs? one controllyin the rhythm and another controlling the synths for example?

or each pc doing a whole track and just crossfading between the two?


guess you need something like cubase's system link, but i dunno if ableton has such an option.

we plan on linking the two just using midi timecode form a hardware timecode generator, i've no need for the two pc's it interact at any higher level at this stage.

the only other merging of the two will be on the mixer, as they are sub-mixed before they go to the main desk maybe.
i mean creatively, do people tend to act as a "normal" band, certain individuals taking on certain instruments, or would they control whole songs and play back to back, or can anyone think of any other method i haven't thought of? Chin

just wondering. :d

The Lappetites anyone? Smile

i have thought about this alot and came to the conclusion that i wouldnt wanna rely on midi lock two laptops together and so i always thoguht it would be best to have one doing the music and one doing synths n live samples.. would be interested to find out how you get on so report back!

will do! Grin
I'm only starting though, my mixes are extremely rough at the moment.

midi over lan

if you use 2 laptops you can connect them with a network crossover cable, if you use more you need a network switch / hub

i have not tried it but theres a few out there

also theres a vsti over lan host

i'd be 2 scared 2 have them interconnected for midi duties & would use one as the audio workhorse & the other purely as a uber-glorified effects unit/processor.
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Chuck D

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