Nucleus' debut USA Tour - booking now!

incognito is proud to bring to you nucleus’ debut usa tour!

dates available between august 25th and september 15h 2006

nucleus (metalheadz / paradox music / esoteric / reinforced / good looking) uk

[Image: nucleus.jpg]

nucleus aka dave sims started dj'ing in 1986 mixing and scratching hip hop and funk breaks after hearing double d and steinski's lessons and grandmaster flash adventures on wheels of steel. this inspired him to buy a 4-track tape recorder and start making break mixes and hip hop tunes with local rappers. in about 1988 started going to raves and clubs like the dungeon, telepathy and the paradise club (awol) and getting into house and early breakbeat. he then started dj'ing at parties and raves staying with the music as it evolved through hardcore, jungle to drum and bass.

in 1996 nucleus started making tunes with dev paradox for nine bar records, made two 12's and 1 album as "noise and paradox." in 1997 the duo started recording for the legendary reinforced records with a 12" "esoteric funk/places and spaces" as "nucleus and paradox" and a track past, present, future on the enforcers lp. followed by another 12" this side of fore ever/decompositions." at the same time releasing a 12" on 720 records (goodlooking) "the nautilus" and "nexus records" (goodlooking) "project 2/persistence of vision" as "alaska and nucleus."

the duo worked on various remixes including "4-hero" for talking loud and james hardway. the next 12" was "who? what? no spaced place" for reinforced in 2000, followed by tracks as nucleus on the deadly chambers enforcers lp and a 12" on reinforced called "gravity point/flim flam" and a track "suspended animation" on the scattered snares lp on marc mac's twisted funk label.

over the years nucleus has dj'd at various events in germany, france, holland, hungary, australia, switzerland, norway and uk playing drum and bass, funk, jazz, hip hop, house, disco, breaks, broken beat, etc. and had a couple of b-boy break mix tapes/cds out with break dj leacy. 2002 saw the return of nucleus and paradox with 12's on us label offshore, paradox music, the esoteric funk lp on reinforced, and the creation of "esoteric," a label exclusively for nucleus/paradox material.

esoteric is going strong with 7 releases, getting excellent reviews and regular plays by many of the scenes top dj's. september 2005 saw nucleus and paradox debut 12" on metalheadz, 12bit/aragon. 2006 is set to be a busy year with american and europeahn tours, and more releases on esoteric, paradox music and metalheadz.

nucleus discography

1: 1992 raw and ready ep - brain records (track b2 'i cant stop' uncredited)
2: 1996 noise and paradox - soundtrack for the 10th planet/a timeless existence - ninebar records
3: 1996 noise and paradox - transmogrification/sudden impact - ninebar records
4: 1997 nucleus and paradox - esoteric funk/spaces and places - reinforced records
5: 1997 noise and paradox - transmogrification lp - ninebar records
6: 1997 nucleus and paradox - past,present or future - track on enforcers 'begining of the end' lp - reinforced records
7: 1997 alaska and nucleus - persistance of vision/project 2 - nexus records (good looking)
8: 1998 alaska and nucleus - nautilus/nautilus remix - 720 records (good looking)
9: 1998 nucleus and paradox - this side of forever/decompositions - reinforced records
10: 1999 nucleus - return to forever ,track on enforcers deadly chambers of sound,lp - reinforced records
11: 2000 nucleus and paradox - who? what? / no spaced place - reinforced records
12: 2001 nucleus - gravity point/flim flam - reinforced records
13: 2001 nucleus - suspended animation - track on 'scattered snares'cd - twisted funk records
14: 2003 nucleus and paradox - fuzzy something/sweetback - esoteric records
15: 2003 nucleus and paradox – funkativity - paradox music
16: 2003 nucleus and paradox - neoteric/exoteric - esoteric records
17: 2003 nucleus and paradox - think about it/soul message - offshore records
18: 2004 nucleus and paradox - esoteric funk lp/cd - reinforced records
19: 2004 nucleus and paradox - tell me the truth/parateric - esoteric records
20: 2005 nucleus and paradox - love her/dillatentes - esoteric records
21: 2005 nucleus and paradox - aragon/12 bits - metalheadz
22: 2005 nucleus and paradox - arcane/orphic - esoteric records
23: 2005 nucleus and paradox _ labyrinthine/delphia - esoteric records
24: 2006 nucleus and paradox - illusion theme/music box -paradox music
25: 2006 nucleus and paradox - love her (version)/esotericsm -esoteric records


james hardway- theo steps in - nucleus and paradox remix - recordings of
4 hero - we who are not as others - nucleus and paradox remix - talking loud


nucleus and alaska - azure/illusion version - paradox music
nucleus and paradox - dillatentes version/untitled - esoteric
macc change and stay the same (nucleus remix) - tantric records
nucleus - untitled - paradox music
nucleus and trax - untitled

download nucleus’ latest mix:

2.formula music-baptize
3.mathematics mijatoho-move it down
4.optive fierce-surface noise
5.seba paradox-wake up call
6.martyn-get down
7.silent winess break-z groove
8.martyn-black lies
10.seba paradox-stone cold
11.nucleus paradox-arcane
12.nucleus paradox-aragon
13.d bridge-bastion
14.seba paradox-its all love
15.d bridge-without answers
16.a sides-badlands

you can fill out the form on our site too book nucleus - or for more info please contact:

ashley collier
incognito artist management llc
aim/skype name: incognitoagency

hope he comes to Boston, lots of tours have been coming through here ately...

That mix is RINSIN!! Hope to see him in SF! Cool
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wonder if he's comin to NYC??!?

g0DD i miss goin out to dnb..last time was the good fun of sebadox & manos Icon_cry Icon_cry Icon_cry

trope Wrote:wonder if he's comin to NYC??!?

g0DD i miss goin out to dnb..last time was the good fun of sebadox & manos Icon_cry Icon_cry Icon_cry

Well... its looking very possible at the moment - will let you know when its all finalized!

New Nucleus interview up on!!

come to Hawaii!

There is no 4 Hero "We Who Are Not As Others (Nucleus & Paradox Rmx)" that I am aware of.
I think you got it mixed up with G Force & Seiji Rmx.

Too bad 4 Hero never got remixed by Nucleus & Paradox. Maybe in the future? Cool
[Image: smallheadz0re.jpg]


Top bloke. Very talented.

Book the dude y'all!!!!

Top fella!!

Both himself and Trax killed it over here a few years back....... in Ricks kitchen Wink

Great memories.. Big up big Tom aswell.

ahhh i see this is from 2006. yes... would be nice. Wink

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