Goldie - Sine Tempus

Does anybody know if this movie will ever come out?
I was listening to bailey's show today and he played "Letting go" by goldie...
this reminded me of the movie I'm waiting for years...
on there isn't even an entry so I wonder if this project is still alive...

Quote:Goldie hopes that [Sine Tempus the soundtrack/album] will be released this summer, though he's yet to find a label for it.

WTF? what about metalheadz?!

didn't check the link so maybe it says this already-i'd heard its' release was to coincide with the movie about his life, so it's prolly related to when the film gets a release date...
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here we go.......

Sine Tempus

‘Without Time’

Like an ancient relic from an Indiana Jones movie, the dust was recently blown off the master of Sine Tempus, the third artist album from Goldie, creator of Metalheadz and classics like ‘Timeless’ and ‘Saturn Returnz’.

Composed in 2004 by Goldie and engineered by Mark Caro (Technical Itch), Sine Tempus was considered to be too dangerous for public consumption and was sealed in an underground vault to prevent infection. From the beautiful soaring strings of ‘Letting Go’ to the haunting atmospheres and twisted bassline contained within ‘I Know who I Am’, Sine Tempus covers the entire spectrum of drum and bass, an experience which is unmistakable Metalheadz at it’s best.

Also the soundtrack to Goldie’s forthcoming film of the same name, Sine Tempus bridges the gap between music and visual art, taking Metalheadz and Drum and Bass further into the realms of multimedia.

Tracklisting :

A. Letting Go - feat. Jenna G
B. Say You Love Me
C. Don’t Give In
D. Chances
E. I Know Who I Am
F. Breaking Glass
G. Something About You
H. Rhythm Killa
I. Inside Your Soul
J. Never Still
K. Latin Skin
L. Invisible
M. Truez Stringz

This album is available exclusively via the Metalheadz website, You will find the album, as well as previous albums and tracks from the Metalheadz catalogue in our store. A few clicks and Sine Tempus will be yours to experience. You will also find artist information, our gallery, our forum and much more!

[Image: goldiesinetempuslpfrontyp2.jpg]

and you can check out the samples here...

finally! Smile

but still: what forthcoming film are they talking about?
I don't believe it'll ever come out....

I recall a night with Goldie in NYC years back, with him rapping about a movie he was aiming to make (ie produce, direct, and write the soundtrack for)...but I was proper mashed up at the time, and now that memory is pretty cloudy.

not much help...damn. Lol

Metalheadz Wrote:Sine Tempus was considered to be too dangerous for public consumption

Conceited spin annoys.

Looking forward to the movie though....

listening for the first time.   Wink

#9 the lp a second listen as I post.  

I enjoyed the lp more than "Saturn Returnz" - which I haven't listened to in decades really. I don't recall hearing much about "Sine Tempus" when it was apparently, originally released as a download on the Headz site.. my attentions were elsewhere, obviously.  I don't mind the vocals over everything - it is a Goldie lp after all.  AND, the tunes could be just fine without vocals, which is a good thing. LOVE the ending "Truez Stringz" orchestral piece.  I got a bit bored if only because people do so much more in 2018 for electronic music albums. The lp doesn't sound dated tho. The delivery is still very much in line with anything current, imo.  

At the same time, in current climates,  so much has changed in references, production, and influences in music overall. With as many ideas as Goldie & collaborators are known to bring, perhaps a dnb specific album is a bit "safe" at times, particularly in 2018 - just my opinion. In a way, some producers / artists defy genre specific boundaries, as people should. I think Goldie could make a pop orientated record - outside of dnb - and I'd listen to it if it caught my interests. The musicality and ability to crossover has always been there, right?.  I like the Tech Itch qualities to the begining half of the lp, you can hear Caro's contributions in the details in the harder tunes.  

As with any Goldie lp, were there remixes?   My fave quality of previous Goldie lp's is any remixes that may / may have emerged. I may even prefer a great remix to Goldie originals at times.  Smile  

"Sine Tempus", a bit more cohesive and to the point than "Saturn Returnz".    I approve of that.

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