Post a picture of yourself time......

MetaLX Wrote:
Annastay Wrote:
MetaLX Wrote:
Annastay Wrote:1216
"you got a be kidding me."

Brilliant use of metaphor there, using yourself as a "post" representing a forum thread and our forum. So many levels of interpretation possible.

What? come again??? Lol

Sorry I can be kinda weird sometimes Lol even those that have known me my whole life are confounded at some of the things I think of . . .

hehe Ok. I just thought I was being slow. Wink

Ps Love the pics Marvel Cinema.

[Image: 77061_10151154330091301_716000938_n.jpg]
beats are there to be broken

Aww. Grin

here I am last weekend, right arm in a splint, mixing oldskool jungle for teddy ruxpin. Grin

[Image: cheefteddy_zps6541ae9c.jpg]

noisemonkey Wrote:[Image: 77061_10151154330091301_716000938_n.jpg]

<3 <3 <3

Not much into that selfie-cult but I figured it's nice to put a face to some forum nicknames so here we go.

Me sitting outside in early spring:


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Music critic for the Tally Ho

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