BelowCLevel Show LIVE from New Orleans on

Archive of last nights show up now. Myself for the first two hours then Simian jumped on for the last hour. Xyxthumbs

1. Noble Sense-Upon Her Return-Omni Music
2. Breakage-Transbohemia (Equinox remix)-Bassbin
3. Nebula-Unique-Part V
4. Scape-Jah Almighty-Scientific Wax
5. Able Danger-Solstice (Bkey remix)-Surround Sound
6. Martian Man-Experience-dub
7. Double O-Ashes to Ashes-RuptureLDN
8. Sub Operative-Defense Mechanism-DSCI4
9. Ricky Force-Celestial-Pressin' Hard
10. Nolige-Blue Hour-Broken EP
11. Greenleaf-Micro-dub
12. Rumbleton-Soul Weight-dub
13. Nebula-Sound Barriers-Bustle Beats
14. Dub-One-Skankin-Scientific Wax
15. Double O-Babylon-Criminal UK
16. Asymmetric-What's Going On?-Omni Music
17. Equinox-Kofi-Scientific Wax
18. Profane-Junctioned-dub
19. Threshold-1 Place-dub
20. Threshold-Fool (Antidote remix)-dub
21. Nolige-Adrenaline-Foundation X
22. Threshold-Shut It!-dub


Archive of last nights show is up now. Xyxthumbs

1. Intro-Produced by QR
2. Dwarde-Tena-
3. Macc & Duffah-Messier 51 (Equinox remix)-Subtle Audio
4. Double O-Rock Stone-dub
5. Snaper-Knowledge is Not Enough-Pinecone Moonshine
6. Gremlinz & Rumbleton-The Shield-dub
7. Flatliners-100000 Chickens-dub
8. Nolige-Fallout-Face It EP
9. Skitty-Bully-Foundation X
10. Threshold-Fool (Antidote remix)-dub
11. Equinox-Running-dub
12. Dub-One-Warrior Dread-dub
13. Threshold-Rasta Nuh Tell-Foundation X
14. Antidote-The Mantra VIP-unreleased?
15. Winx-Warm Wet Sand-Nervous
16. Threshold-Fuk-ri-Foundation X
17. Double O-Natty Don't Fuss Nor Fight-117
18. DJ Pulse-Stay Calm (Equinox retouch)-unreleased
19. Ricky FOrce-Keep On-36 Hertz
20. Nebula-esreveR-Scientific Wax
21. Nebula-Puzzle Box-Prototypes Vol.3
22. Dwarde-Algid-Scientific Wax
23. Martian Man-Experience-dub
24. Johnny Jungle-Johnny (Dextrous remix)-Suburban Bass
25. Remarc-Help Me-Dollar Records
26. DJ Crystl-Meditation-DeeJay Recordings
27. DJ Hype & Ganja Max-Rinse Out-Ganja Records
28. J Majik-Your Sound-Metalheadz
29. Equinox-Make You Flex-Planet Mu
30. Aquarius & Tayla-Bringing Me Down-Good Looking
31. Wax Doctor-Heat-R&S
32. Artinis-Inner Rhythm-Underdog
33. Source Direct-Exit 9-Source Direct
34. Intent-Hypnosis (Aphrodite remix)-Rogue Trooper

Last nights archive is up now. Xyxthumbs

1. Dawn Day Night-The Reanimation of Scottie-Astrophonica
2. Double O-Dem a Come-dub
3. Rumbleton-See the Father-dub
4. martianMan-Drums-dub
5. Nebula-Mass Weight-Part 6
6. Fracture & Neptune-Colemanism-Outsider
7. Greenleaf-Justice-dub
8. This Sloth is Giant-Half a Sandwich-Flatwoods Creative
9. Antidote-Tribal Spirits (Dave Hoax remix)
10. Greenleaf-Break-Dysfunk
11. Nebula-Puzzle Box-Prototypes Vol. 3
12. Enjoy-Wayne Kaah-Omni Music
13. Friske & Gremlinz-Your Luv-ICD
14. martianMan-Keep Ya Dread-dub
15. Double O-Tribal War-dub
16. Dawn Day Night-Higer Plains-Astrophonica
17. Moresounds-Hour Of Doom-Pseudogeddeon
18. Adam F-Circles (Phillip D Kick Footwork edit)
19. Chrissy Murderbot-Lover 2 Limited-Pseudogeddeon
20. Krome & Time-The License (Phillip D Kick Footwork edit)
21. Bustos Domecq-Drop Out Jungle-Pseudogeddeon
22. Threshold-Shut It!-dub
23. Rumbleton-Lion Structure-Eastern Promise
24. Dwarde-Algid-Scientific Wax
25. Nebula-Purity-Part 6
26. Seba-Captain Freak-Secret Operations
27. Codename John-Warned-Prototype
28. Vertigo-Migraine-Droppin' Science
29. Lemon D-City Lights-Prototype
30. Safari Sounds-Ghetto Born Kid-Droppin' Science
31. DJ Krust-Burning-V
32. DJ Hype-Mash Up Da Place (Origin Unknown remix)-Ganja Records
33. Orgin Unknown-Valley of the Shadows-Ram
34. Dawn Day Night-Mister Meanor-Astrophonica
35. Ascend-Can't Hold Back (Dawn Day Night edit)-Pseudogeddeon
36. Omni Trio-Renegade Snares (Phillip D Kick Footwork edit)
37. EAN-Just Beat (weareallfucked)-Pseudogeddeon


Drums Drums

thanx again G !! Icon_yippee

I am lagging behind I know .... Show from March, pretty much a 94/95 onslought:

anyways, I am a sucker for tracklists, so here you go:

Just to prevent confusion, I have nothing to do with the show other than I think it's very enjoyable, so I just copy n pasted the tracklist and DL link from the forum:

Archive of last night's show is up now. [Image: icon_smile.gif]

1. Source Direct-Approach & Identify-Source Direct
2. ST Files-Part 1.1-Flex
3. The Dream Team-Sweetie-Joker
4. Jazz Juice-Detroit-Precious Materials
5. DJ Pulse-So Fine (Omni Trio remix)-Moving Shadow
6. DJ Hype-Dawn of the Fever-Suburban Base
7. Rude Bwoy Monty-Out in da Streets (Pascal remix)-Frontline
8. Intent-Hypnosis (Aphrodite remix)-Rogue Trooper
9. DJ Phantasy-Atmosphere (Alex Reece remix)-Rogue Trooper
10. Interception-Ominous Clouds-Radioactive Kids
11. Mixrace-The Future is Before Your Eyes-Moving Shadow
12. Manix-Living in the Past-Reinforced
13. DJ Genesis & Kenny X-X Rated Movie-Ibiza
14. A Guy Called Gerald-Free Africa-Juicebox
15. C.M.C.-Greetings-Ibiza
16. DJ Solo-Axis (Logical Breakup)-Production House
17. Cloud 9-You Got Me Burnin'-Moving Shadow
18. Deee-Lite-Groove is in the Heart-Sampladelic
19. Aquarius-Drift to the Centre-Looking Good
20. S.M.F.-Twisted Bungle-Rugged Vinyl
21. Mad Dog-Relapse-Underdog
22. Lemon D-Don't Make Me Wait-Conqueror
23. Back 2 Basics-Everybody-Grand Larceny
24. Phaze III & Klass A-Profit-Pterodactyl
25. Brown & Dangerman-Battle of the Soul Drums-Mob Handed
26. Paradox-Certain Sound-Renegade Hardware
27. J. Majik-Your Sound-Metalheadz
28. Remarc-Drum N Bass Wise-White House
29. Rus De Tox-Heavenly Body-Subliminal
30. Fallen Angels-Hello Lover-IQ
31. Amazon II-Deep in the Jungle (DJ Rap remix)-Aphrodite
32. Amazon II-Booya remix-Aphrodite
33. Tom & Jerry-Follow Da Massive-Tom & Jerry
34. Subnation-Scottie's Sub-Mercyless
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Thanks for the Bump
We've been doing the show for around 11 years now and a lot of those are archived on the Jungletrain forum. I used to post them here quite a bit but now am a bit slack. Oops
Glad you're feeling the tunes. Smile

greenleaf504 Wrote:Thanks for the Bump
We've been doing the show for around 11 years now and a lot of those are archived on the Jungletrain forum. I used to post them here quite a bit but now am a bit slack. Oops
Glad you're feeling the tunes. Smile


I immensly like the fact you're going over one decade by now. For another decade Slayer
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Show from May 27th - all Paradox tribute set. DL link:

1. Paradox-All You Two Step Bastards Leave Our Planet-Form 3
2. Paradox-I Get a Kick Back-Offshore
3. Paradox-Too Dissimilar-Partisan
4. Nucleus & Paradox-Aragon-Metalheadz
5. Alaska & Paradox-Tomorrow's Tomorrow-Paradox Music
6. Paradox-Bongolia-Bassbin
7. Paradox-Certain Sound (Drumworks VIP)-Renegade Hardware
8. Alaska-Jasheri-Actic Music
9. Paradox-Dioxide 170873-Reinforced
10. Seba & Paradox-Planet...Stars-Freak
11. Seba & Paradox-Red Tears-Secret Operations
12. Paradox-Conform to What-Reinforced
13. Seba & Paradox-Fire Like This-Secret Operations
14. Paradox-Hold the Beat-Paradox Music
15. Paradox-Drum Machine-Paradox Music
16. Paradox-Chords & Dischords-Reinforced
17. Alaska-Jerico-Arctic Music
18. Paradox-Coaxial-Sonica
19. Nucleus & Paradox-Planet R-Esoteric
20. Nucleus & Paradox-LSD Jazz-Esoteric
21. Paradox-Deep Sleep-Renegade Hardware
22. Brown & Dangerman-Calm Before the Storm-Mob Handed
23. Mixrace-Express Yourself remix-8205
24. Mixrace-The Don of Babylon-Moving Shadow
25. Brown & Dangerman-Ideas for the Ears to Fear-Stronghold
26. Mixrace-Too Bad For Ya (Is 180 Too Fast For ya)-Moving Shadow
27. Brown & Dangerman-Battle of the Soul Drums-Mob Handed
28. Mixrace-Future is Before Your Eyes-Moving Shadow
29. Paradox-Certain Sound-Renegade Hardware
30. Minor Threat-I Don't Want to Hear It
Music critic for the Tally Ho

firefinga Wrote:30. Minor Threat-I Don't Want to Hear It


Archive of last night's show is up now. Will have to sort out the last who knows how many soon. Smile


hey hey Wave

(26th October 2017, 23:40)Statto Wrote: hey hey Wave


(26th October 2017, 19:19)greenleaf504 Wrote: Archive of last night's show is up now. Will have to sort out the last who knows how many soon. Smile

That Fats Domino intro - awesome and RIP :Lighter

And @ Greenleaf Wave
Music critic for the Tally Ho

Filled in for Beautifully Crafted today on Jungletrain, so here's the archive of that as well. Smile


Still truckin !!


Archive of last night's show is up now. Smile


Archive of last night's show is up now. Smile


boh Bluesmiley

Archive of last night's show is up now. Some old stuff to start and some newer stuff on the tail end. Enjoy. Smile



Archive of last night's show is up now. Special guest Damn James came through, so a nice mixed bag of varied styles and sounds. Smile


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