it's gonna be a-ok!!!

...if we all keep pushing what we believe in in a positive way

this guy Dr. Nemo posted something on DOA, in a thread complaining about the staleness of modern day jungle (4pages in 1 day):

"@ D&B is totally healthy...This the way the scene has always been. Every musical movement in D&B has always been a reaction against some other music in D&B.

@ Like the Darkside in 93 was all about reacting against the commercial Ardkore Rave clowniness of that era. The Ragga Jungle in 94 thing was a reaction against the white technological sounds of the darkside. The Ambient / Intelligent Jungle was against the banal and vulgar Ragga Jungle. The Hardstep was a reaction against the Intelligent Jungle. The Jazzstep was a reaction against the Hardstep. The Techstep was a reaction against the commericial elevator music of the Jazzstep. The current Jump-up is a reaction against the evil Techstep and the serious no fun Jazzstep.

@ D&B runs in cycles, we've all been through this before. Before you know it the "Clownstep" producers will react against Jump Up and return with a new style "Soul-Step", yipeee. Instead of annoying mono-chromatic synth lines we will have to deal with the ear shredding divas telling us to "Get Funky" and beats that fly accross the dancefloor, hitting us in the face....

@ I listened to the Kamanchi-Circus track and thats even a joke against the current Jump-Up "Clownstep" of today. Its totally one of those old-skool type statements of "Look how stupid we are, ok lets dance and have fun now".

@ Thats the type of sound that sells. And when making music is your career, you would be suprised what kind of music you would make to put food on your table.

@ Progress in D&B isnt making new material, but using old material in new ways. What is needed now is a genre of D&B that combines the nu-skool and old-skool to create the omni-genre that everybody has been waiting for since the beginning.

@ We have to quit romanticising the old-skool. They had alot of crap too, all the old-skool is the same sine-basses, chord stabs, timestretched vocals and autistic breakbeats. The old-skool was also totally fuelled by the drug E. Perhaps the producers could be more liberal in their production because the E'ed up dancers were into the psychedelic sounds and deranged breaks. If there is one thing missing from todays music it is probably the psychedelia and the breakbeats, but at least the existence of the scene is no longer dependent on a single drug, MDMA.

Its all good, the old-skool will return, its just a matter of time before this "Clownstep" gets out of hand.

This is the longest post I have ever made....:=)))))))"

...or not? Grin

in the immortal words of the lawds of acid-let's get high and have fun! let's just make some quality music and support the people whose music we love.
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it's certainly not about fuck the cause let's have whinge no matter how tempting it is. Bring on the beats that what I say, it's ok to be aware of what else is going on but there's no point in getting bogged down in too much trivia (much as it makes me smile), as long as the beats are rolling and the basslines fat people will dance. It's just a question of hitting them with the unexpected..
beats are there to be broken

karbonkid Wrote:...@ Progress in D&B isnt making new material, but using old material in new ways.

Says who???

contec Wrote:
karbonkid Wrote:...@ Progress in D&B isnt making new material, but using old material in new ways.

Says who???


Man speaking of the next level,I've got some tings I'm dying to get out which for me,are on some different level to any of my previous stuff.

Will b finishing mixing today & getting those cd's out 2moro so hopefully certain Headz' will feel the same way & the shit gets released instead of sitting on a dat tape somewhere in the back of the studio gathering dust!

P.S.It's all about Logic,EXS24MK2 & Reaktor4. Some next level sci-fi shit in there Wink
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go get em goddamnit!!! Grin

alpha omega...

you know what to do...


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magdusia Wrote:I just can't take it...omg omg...I just..I just can't...

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