and so there were seven.

for de's second non-profit monologue, de called in mick dastardly to find out what happened:

[Image: Reprise,%20Then%20Awake...%20Combinatory...Header.jpg]

mick dastardly: so then mutton chops, what is "reprise...then awake?"

muttley: "reprise..then awake", aka the dastardly diaries chapter 2, upholds three fashions: a part remedy to drum&bass' elitism-slanted arguments; centralising of three causes on separate roads; and conceptual ode to ray & rico ichione's "subversive renaissance" events. additionally, science, nature, insomnia, and etymology are drawn as its textual themes.

md: how did it come to be?

m: in november 2006, the subvert central online forum was home to dozens of brainstorms - in preparation for the joint atm article. one of the few quotes which really stuck in my memory came from rohan: "i've seen us labelled as 'drumfunk', 'liquid', 'dubwise' and 'purist', but for me fabio came up with the best tag for bassbin; 'roots music'." he said. this "roots" mentality is what i've adopted into tdd 2's model; a time where the public dance music mass were less pushed to listen with preconception.

on the way to preparing tdd 2, i realised that what spotlight content i had accumulated could be used to highlight the benefits of language alternatives. i could then shape a unique, virtual all-nighter sensibility - constructed to emulate ichione. full of hand picked attractions, the archives are offered with a multifaceted, multigenre pdf magazine - which, along with everything else is free for the taking! read past the download links for more information.

tdd chapter 2 downloads

"ecto" edition

[Image: TDD%20Chapter%202%20-%20Ecto%20Edition%2...Clouds.jpg]

"pearly clouds" by

"the ecto discerns greatly, yet can be conservative as a result of selectivity, and sensitivity. after all, there's so much music out there - why take the plunge when you don't have to?"

8 audio clips, 5 of 6 pdfs, no mixes.


"meso" edition

[Image: TDD%20Chapter%202%20-%20Meso%20Edition%2...usalem.jpg]

"jerusalem" by

"the meso garners for ripped definition, no unecessary excesses. you want the meat, you want it now, and do you know here is where you can get it?"

50 audio clips, 5 of 6 pdfs, and asc's "the morning after : a techmospherics retrospective".


"endo" edition

[Image: TDD%20Chapter%202%20-%20Endo%20Edition%2...0Cover.jpg]

metamorphosis' "great babel gives birth" front cover, from 1983.

"the endo is susceptible to an extroverted acceptance, and good for you. do you know you're receiving unreported goodie bags by sampling the entirety?"

150 audio clips, all pdf pages, all three tdd mixes.


tdd is hosting these djs:


in the "deepersounds" tent:


set 1 - asc

[Image: ASC%20-%20The%20Morning%20After%20-%20A%...ective.jpg]

a secret admirer of his studio creations for uncounted years, it's a real honour to be able to bring you the first dastardly diaries showcase set, mixed by covert operations flagbearer asc. "the morning after" is a retrospective full of space-scapes and rapturous bassline curves, ranging across the perimeters of looking good to subtitles, and years stretching the mid nineties to today. beats of the highest calibre, blended with love and care.

the tracklist:

01 - future engineers - echo location (looking good)
02 - third rail - space cameras (breakbeat science)
03 - pariah - resilience (covert operations)
04 - dragonsword - centre of the system (720 degrees)
05 - blame - mechanism (good looking)
06 - stakka & skynet - pathogen (audio blueprint)
07 - chris su - solaris theme (subtitles)
08 - subwave - high hopes (encrypted)
09 - asc - solar winds (covert operations)
10 - mav - the scientific way (covert operations)
11 - asc - forcefield (covert operations)
12 - electrosoul system - the morning after (alternative mix) (covert operations)

if you're an eu promoter who'd love to hear this kind of set swing by your area, you're in luck. asc is independently putting together a european tour for july/august 2007. find out more, and contact him by aim - ascnonplus

his contact addresses and causes include:

and of course, don't forget to check this chapter's "deepersounds" attractions, and article if you dig this creation. it's all but a snapshot, you can trust me on that.

a massive thank you goes out to hipnotic for his specialised photography on this project. the two covers are cd ready in this format:

inlay: tracklist.
front / back: tdd chapter 2, combinatory themed header.
1465 x 1488 @ 300 dpi

set 2 - badmammal

[Image: TDD%20Chapter%202%20-%20Badmammal%20Says%20Hello.jpg]

i think here will be the one and only spot i'll ever be seen using 'bad ass' to describe...well, anything really. badmammal's "live in chicago" is actually the fourth in his chronology of idm microcosms. usually barred to under twenty minutes, here left to stroll for a remainder seven; the carefree friskiness is aleviating, to say the least. voicing his set technicalities and plans inside tdd 2, a cross-posting to de's "15 minutes of fame" mix series was kindly agreed. in the eardrums: daft to quirky, frizzy-haired bass, 70s funk & disco psychedelia, and ninja tunes-angled automations adorn on this bite-sized out-take of what his horizons facilitate - within ableton, at the beginning of summer 07.

the addictive:

01 - gijon
02 - toppled statues
03 - tide acid
04 - blue 88s
05 - we need breeze
06 - blueboy (remix)

and strike a visit to these:


in the "attitude" tent:


set 1 - hiddensound

submitted seventh here, hiddensound's first entry to "15 minutes of fame" resembles an armoured space slug; commanding the distortion pedal through the draglines of 90s techstep dirt. "a bunch of great obscure tunes, and some classics. i like to keep the speed around neutral or -2 so it's darker and deeper, which makes things a lot harder mixing-wise, but i think i pulled it off. " is what he says about this nine vinyl freestyle.

those chemicals:

01 - elementz of noize - astral 97 (mindswitch)
02 - dom & optical - concrete shoes (moving shadow)
03 - jon the dentist - france (ed rush vs. trace remix) (tec)
04 - decoder - fuze (elementz)
05 - fortran - search (31 records)
06 - technical itch - arced (moving shadow)
07 - decoder - nugen (tech itch)
08 - b key - capacitor (xxx)
09 - facs & red - splinterz (unreleased)

hiddensound's comprehensive musicv2 page

set 2 - dj void

[Image: DJ%20Void%20Brussels.jpg]

shooting the adrenalin levels higher is long time "attitude is everything" contributor dj void. with ten unpremeditated plates, on "hostile takeover" he cuts to various corners of 2007's jagged-edged floor circumference. "i think the whole subgenre of dark d&b, in 2007 gets a raw deal simply because too many people think it's too noisy or not music to listen to at home. the tracks are nothing revolutionary, but are by artists i feel are either underrated or are on new or underrated labels".

spis utworów:

01 - mindscape "stagger" (celsius recordings)
02 - state of mind "virgin dub" (crisis recordings)
03 - break "ringing ears" (commercial suicide)
04 - phace "open your eyes" (subtitles music)*
05 - the sect "kill all humans" (offkey recordings)
06 - vicious circle "shredder" (freak recordings)
07 - castor "nothing can break us" (beta recordings)
08 - verse & sp:mc "surrender" (crunch)
09 - limewax "fuck the labels" (technical freaks)**
10 - phobia "lost chapters" (violence recordings)***

* taken from the "psycho" lp
** taken from the "scars on the horizons" lp
*** taken from the "ultra violence" ep - volume 2

you can read more about "attitude is everything" through tdd chapter 2, or visit these sites for more information:

set 3 - el cubist

his titles are deceptive, and to past "15 minutes of fame" listeners, bob cube's "bad taste: episode 1" is also far from the lounge fare of his first exegene and cookin' teaser. authoritative hip-hop its credence, punky, radicalist lyrics cause ruckus with clever wit. de's favouritism darts between the insomnia-driven iconclastry of aesop's "night light" and your loud, proud mouthings from cali's busdriver - who, did you know is in tdd 2 as well?

liste de chansons:

01 - john carpenter - assault on precinct 13 main theme
02 - shadow huntaz - fukwit 2 (skam)
03 - sage francis - dance monkey (epitaph)
04 - mr. lif - hold, take, fire! (feat. aesop rock & el-p)(def jux)
05 - aesop rock - night light (def jux)
06 - sole & dose one - human races the tortoise (anticon)
07 - busdriver - unemployed black astronaut (nobody remix) (temporary whatever)
08 - sixtoo - ativandalism (bully)

if you're digging this, excavate:


in the "chill" tent:


set 1 - paradigm x

[Image: Paradigm%20X.jpg]

waking us up from the hazy night before is part-time horizontalist paradigm x. articulating a poetic selection without boring like shakespeare recitals, "instrumental music can be interpreted in many ways" he starts, "but "vocalisms" features some of my favourite vocal tunes. lots of spoken word poetry over downbeat and ambient, with quite a dark edge. generally speaking i don't like lyrics in music too much; my theory is they tend to restrict the meaning of a tune. these six tracks are exceptions. i love them all. Smile"

die tracklist:

01 - coil - where are you ? (musick to play in the dark 2, chalice records 2000)
02 - the future sound of london - everyone in the world is doing something without me (dead cities, virgin records 1996)
03 - mark van hoen - real love (playing with time, apollo records, 199Cool
04 - black dog and black sifichi - wishing well (unsavoury products, hydrogen dukebox 2002)
05 - qaballah steppers - trust in dub (trust remix) (shake the nations, wordsound records 1997)
06 - coil - batwings (a liminal hymn) (musick to play in the dark 2, chalice records 2000)

you could research and network paradigm here if you like:

set 2 - the tornado

[Image: The%20Tornado.jpg]

closing our show as dawn's birds chirp is the tornado with his wonderful "vignettes". forking through 27 tracks in under 35 minutes, it's his miniaturised only-in-size follow-up to "snowfall": trading lengthy compilation ethics for a collage of ambient and classical, ticking the boxes for emotional attachment, solace and smile all under one half hour roof. ambience can infuse magic sometimes. here it's the healer to those sore hips, broken hearts, and the reprisal of all that's passed in tdd 2's wake.


01 - 0.00-1.00 - jóhann jóhannsson - þetta gerist á bestu bæjum - touch (taken from the album "englabörn")
02 - 1.01-2.28 - erik satie - mercure - tableau ii - bain des - naxos (taken from the album "orchestral works")
03 - 2.29-3.57 - zbigniew preisner - commencement (tu ne tueras point) - emi int'l (taken from the album "preisner's music")
04 - 3.58-5.37 - stars of the lid - hiberner toujours - kranky (taken from the album "stars of the lid and their refinement of the decline")
05 - 5.38-7.18 - donnacha costello - that empty feeling - mille plateaux (taken from the album "together is the new alone")
06 - 7.19-8.41 - brian eno - another green world - editions eg (taken from the album "another green world")
07 - 8.42-9.29 - múm - sleep/swim - fatcat records (taken from the album "finally we are no one")
08 - 9.30-11.01 - venetian snares - hiszékeny - planet mu (taken from the album "rossz csillag alatt született")
09 - 11.02-12.09 - svarte greiner - ullsokk - type records (taken from the album "knive")
10 - 12.10-12.58 - arvo pärt - festina lente - epilogus (taken from the album "greatest works")
11 - 12.59-14.10 - sylvain chauveau - adieu miséricorde - les disques du soleil et de l'acier (taken from the album "nocturne impalpable")
12 - 14.11-15.15 - goldmund - marching through georgia - type records (taken from the album "corduroy road")
13 - 15.16-16.21 - eluvium - an accidental memory - temporary residence (taken from the album "an accidental memory in the case of death")
14 - 16.22-17.46 - brian eno & harold budd - steal away - editions eg (taken from the album "ambient 2: the plateaux of mirror")
15 - 17.47-19.40 - sigur rós - takk... - geffen records (taken from the album "takk...")
16 - 19.41-21.28 - max richter - horizon variations - 130701 (taken from the album "the blue notebooks")
17 - 21.29-22.43 - benoit pioulard - moth wings - kranky (taken from the album "précis")
18 - 22.44-23.58 - boards of canada - constants are changing - warp records (taken from the album "the campfire headphase")
19 - 23.59-24.58 - ulrich schnauss - on my own (edit) - city centre offices (taken from the album "a strangely isolated place")
20 - 24.59-25.26 - tim hecker - untitled (4) - substractif (taken from the album "haunt me, haunt me, do it again")
21 - 25.27-26.15 - mogwai - o i sleep - play it again sam (pias) (taken from the album "rock action")
22 - 26.16-27.27 - rothko & caroline ross - elements of traces - lo recordings (taken from the album "a place between")
23 - 27.28-29.02 - earth - mirage - southern lord (taken from the album "hex; or printing in the infernal method")
24 - 29.03-30.24 - manual - bajamar - darla records (taken from the album "bajamar")
25 - 30.25-31.31 - aphex twin - i - warp records (taken from the album "selected ambient works 85-92")
26 - 31.32-32.48 - squarepusher - tommib - warp records (taken from the album "go plastic")
27 - 32.49-34.34 - brian mcbride - prelude - kranky (taken from the album "when the detail lost its freedom")

find more of tornado's sets at his homepage, and booking info on his myspace:

de's "15 minutes of fame" brother concept is proudly subvert central affiliated.

[Image: scaffiliated1.gif]

md: this looks cool. but why on earth did you affiliate it with them?

m: sc is an entity often misconstrued for its legitimate purpose. at one extreme it's an abode for "drumfunk" nerds; at another it's a colossal podcast platform - except the ensignia might not have meant anything else than a nice logo on a page. the "15 minutes of fame" mix series tows the same heightened diversity ideal - anything goes musically, anyone can join in realistically. point your browser to for exposure on the podcasts, for the entry outpost, and for coverage of the various affiliations. [Image: icon_smile.gif]

md: ok, next question. upon browsing for set download links, i can only find four. where are the rest?

m: these four sets act as trailers for the full experience! it can be obtained in small to large measures, through three edition tickets.the clipzip, tdd's audio bank, collects the rest of the attractions - a wealth of specially chosen audio clips! there were three editions of pass, and they all had a quote and picture on them. see above.

md: the "endo" package contains 150 audio clips. are you insane? who's going to download that?

m: people with an open mind, and some patience. i wouldn't have spent four months doing editorial if i didn't believe in what i was pushing. and i don't push for shallow society. nevertheless, if users want to dip into tdd 2, the "ecto edition" is perfect. if they're further interested, the "meso" will suffice. neither satisfy the same as the "endo", however. [Image: icon_smile.gif]

md: but say i've heard half of these clips before. tell me, what separates them, and the largest package from the norm - why should i care?

m: i sincerely doubt you'll have heard over half. in any case, every "endo edition" clip forms part of a unique sequence. it's coded with number, and symbolic digit combinations. it makes navigation, and use easy. 70% of content was self-cut. 100% was discerned. mic presence from many luminaries integrated! all "endo" clips simulate as cigarette cards in the pack. they are daisy-chained by aesthetic transitions, information links, and cryptic data snippets.

in summary, tdd 2's "endo" edition incorporates much more than the music itself. it is a multi-tier system, for: drum&bass with shelf life, literature, politics, moral values, controversial viewpoints, philosophy, satire, film, photography, comedy, art. and, back to the themes: science, nature and etymology. there is sampling, edits, and exclusives. anyone can get involved in the plans, music lover or not. the key is that all subjects are united by what i am presenting to you inside. that is, if you trust me to download it?

md: you must understand that trust has to be earnt. i don't see any endorsements for your opinion, for example.

m: if you're adamant on not taking a risk, i am not going to force you. i will be revealing more of what's under wraps over the course of tdd 2's launch period. no novelties, no thoughtless spam, no nonsense. that is fixed. [Image: icon_smile.gif]

md: alright. i think it's about time we deactivated this interview.

m: too right. i'm off to nerd rehab.

kindest regards, and many thanks for reading.
dastardly exposure

i have to let this settle in my brain for a while but im downloading the Endo coz i want the full experience :P


Icon_yippee nice one mick

checking this soon as poss Grin

MetaLX Wrote:i have to let this settle in my brain for a while but im downloading the Endo coz i want the full experience :P

I'm still baffled. It's just so much information Hahaha

I downloaded the Endo Edition this morning and boy it's just Icon_eek Icon_eek Icon_eek Hyper Hyper Hyper


Brilliant work, Muttley. Applause

It'll take ages to go through all the texts, bits of information, tunes & mixes, but it's gonna be sooo sweet Lovesmilie Lovesmilie

Fantastic selection, I'm loving almost ALL of the 140+ tunes (and that's something I'd never expected) Icon_eek

Eek Eek Eek :P Hyper

cycom Wrote:I downloaded the Endo Edition this morning

not got round to it yet

524MB Icon_eek

on the dl.. big up Mick, this is IMMENSE
Immerse Records - Demos to:
aim - adamkidkut
email -
[Image: banner.gif]


Nice one Mick!

Where's the actual d/l url? Hahaha

Yeah I can't find either hehe

Top marks though Mick!
Never fail to suprise Cool

Icon_yippee Jig Icon_yippee
[Image: protabl3.gif]
Don Cherry Wrote:Every human is blessed in her or his life with one love (passion), no matter how long it may last. This Absolute love will last in one's heart and soul forever.

there are 3 downloads, "ecto", "meso" and "endo", essentially corresponding to small (taster) / medium (healthy portion) / large (the full works) download;

under: TDD Chapter 2 Downloads

Statto Wrote:
cycom Wrote:I downloaded the Endo Edition this morning

not got round to it yet

524MB Icon_eek

took 38 minutes

8.00am download crew say aye Smiley

Muttley Wrote:Yes?

Kindest regards, and many thanks for reading.
Dastardly Exposure

getting though all that info will be a pleasant thing to do this lazy morning Smile thanks!

jesus! this is immense!

i dont want to be a wet blanket, but is it just me, or is this all unnecessarily convoluted?

also - are you interviewing yourself in that massively confusing first post?

im hardly one to complain about 'concepts' or having a lot of text to go with a mix - but the first rule is always to be as clear about whats on offer for download, and to make the download link as obvious as possible. if people like it they'll (hopefully) come back and read all the associated information... Xyxthumbs

just my two cents - it's always a shame to place unnecessary barriers between your work and the audience.

droid Wrote:also - are you interviewing yourself?

yes Smile

droid Wrote:im hardly one to complain about 'concepts' or having a lot of text to go with a mix - but the first rule is always to be as clear about whats on offer for download, and to make the download link as obvious as possible.

it's not a mix though, it's a collection of varied informations
ok, so bb forum code isn't the best medium for presenting information
but what can you do? Smile

droid Wrote:and to make the download link as obvious as possible.

some good advice here
it does say tdd chapter 2 downloads in great big letters
but perhaps this would be even more noticeable if it began a separate post


statto Wrote:it's not a mix though, it's a collection of varied informations
ok, so bb forum code isn't the best medium for presenting information
but what can you do? Smile

is it? i thought it was 4 or 5 mixes, a pdf with some undetermined content and some clips of some unspecified tracks... this is the problem imo - what the hell is it???

Quote:some good advice here
it does say tdd chapter 2 downloads in great big letters
but perhaps this would be even more noticeable if it began a separate post


yes - it does say that, then theres a whole load of multicoloured and bold text, so its unclear where the link (or links) actually are. also - youre assuming that people have actually made it as far as that... the only reason i downloaded it was to try and figure out what it actually is.

again, im not trying to stir things up, i just hate to see all this effort put in only to be wasted by poor presentation.

ok... have dld an looked at this.

from what i can tell - its basically a selection of stuff that he's found on the internet over the last few months.

so why all the hyperbole? Chin

droid Wrote:ok... have dld an looked at this.

from what i can tell - its basically a selection of stuff that he's found on the internet over the last few months.

so why all the hyperbole? Chin

my mix was made specifically for this, and was not made available til now, out of interest.

must say i agree about the clarity thing (sorry muttley), took me a few reads to work out what's where... and where to click.

the pack is still dling...

mines going well slow now Teef

from 100kb to 17kb.
i'll read it in 7 hours.

So is your mix somewhere in this 562mb folder? or do i have to DL seperately?

All I found of yours was a 3 minute clip of a tune...

droid Wrote:from what i can tell - its basically a selection of stuff that he's found on the internet over the last few months.

only partly

but even if it was entirely that, it wouldn't be a bad thing
collation is an extremely useful task in the information era

in chess, for instance, a large part of authorship nowadays amounts to sorting out what's relevant from a mass of otherwise meaningless data
and, specifically online, the week in chess does this every week

very helpful Yes

Im not saying its a bad thing, simply that its presentation is counter productive IMO. Plus things taken out of context/chinese whispers eg: the Wobbly choral mix is presented as 3 minute clip of a 'bulgarian chorus mix'...

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