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MB comp/principles/rant/advice/waffle - ignore if you like

Just wrote a feckin essay Oops and thought I might as well post it as it may be useful to more than just the person it was for. And when that person reads this, in NO way take it as anything other than me sharing some principles I think are important. I've tried to remove all the individual-specific bits and keep it general....

I just thought some of these principles may help newer producers. Apologies if anyone finds this patronising - I just hate several billion words going to waste Hahaha Teef

Quote:If you ask me - speaking as an artist rather than 'engineer' ( Hahaha ) - I say fuck it. Just move on man, IMHO. Learn, move on, make the next one better. Diminishing returns and all that. What's the point sinking such an incredible amount of time into something that has been expressed, resulting in hating it, in order to shoehorn it towards ‘perfection’? Unless the tune is really, really special to you of course Wink - there are some exceptions where you have to push harder than you would otherwise. You could be spending that energy on new tunes – and for the same effort you could probably make 3 or 4 tunes! Of course that is wholly unquantifiable, but I digress Grin …

I hope this makes sense… I’ve always found that sometimes it is better just to put things to bed, then do it better in the next tune

Quote:IMHO, you are very much over-complicating things, and making it all very difficult for yourself. With each and every stage of processing you are degrading the signal in some way to some extent (there is collateral damage with every process!), as well as making everything more complicated for yourself. Less is more in mixing. A deft single eq cut in the right place can do wonders without touching any other part of the signal, is quicker, easier and less detrimental to the signal.

You seem to be taking with one hand, trying to put back with another, then take again and put back with another (you’ve got a lot of hands Teef ) etc …. When a simple choice cut or two will make everything sound better, save time, minimise degradation to the sound etc etc etc.

Quote:A word about MB compression;

This – along with limiting – is IMHO one of the very worst things about cracked software if you ask me. Now don’t get me wrong, everybody has to learn of course (! Grin ) but people seem to think it is normal to be MB comping and limiting everything. They start using MB comp – arguably the most powerful, complex and easily misused process in an engineer’s arsenal – from the start, before they even learn how to properly use eq. Let me put it this way – and this might sound harsh but I really don’t mean it like that at all ;

If you’re not hearing and correcting for massive bad content in the mix with a simple eq cut will do it, then what are you using MB comp for? Piling on processing thinking it will help when the most fundamental of things hasn’t been done is like putting icing on a cake made of turd Teef

Here’s another way – a nicer, more artistic/musical way - to put my point; Why did you choose ‘that’ sample - whatever it is, drums, sounds, alligator, whatever? There must have been something good about it, right? It must’ve sounded pretty good in some way, right? If it wasn’t perfect at the start then there were obviously some deficiencies though, right?

The simplest way is to listen carefully to that (original untouched) sound, identify the problems and eliminate those and those alone. Ask yourself exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing, and constantly be checking that you’re not messing up parts of the sound that made you like the sample in the first place. Stay true to the goal of removing the shit from it – then you have earned the right to boost the good bits.

Quote:At ALL times, the most important question is:

Does the result of all my processing sound better than the original?

The answer to that question is bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass bypass. Watch your gain structure so that you don’t get fooled into thinking that when it gets louder when you turn it all on, it sounds better. Louder is not better. Better is better. Louder is louder.

Love from Macc
[Image: protabl3.gif]
Don Cherry Wrote:Every human is blessed in her or his life with one love (passion), no matter how long it may last. This Absolute love will last in one's heart and soul forever.

MB? Multiband I assume.

some good words here.
since reading this, i'm trying to use more chains (as i do most of my work in soundforge) rather than apply effect after effect with no easy way of undoing / redoing things.
and i am not throwing on compressors for the sake of it just because "maybe it will sound better" :P

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