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grande online anywhere? is naphta illusions still

Thread Contributor: JogaIs Naphta - Grande Illusions still online anywhere?

Someone pointed me in its direction (on the WeAre IE blog) but sadly the zip file is no longer there. Can anyone direct me to a downloadable copy please?

No sorry - 'tis gone for the moment at the old man's request.

might make a reappearance here at some point, but there will almost certainly be a charge for it. you could also try mailing naphta and asking him.

Thanks for the info. Will mail him and ask direct.

Sure Naphta will help you out Joga.
Top man

Law Wrote:Sure Naphta will help you out Joga.
Top man

It was you who recommended this to me btw Lol

joga Wave

Joga Wrote:
Law Wrote:Sure Naphta will help you out Joga.
Top man

It was you who recommended this to me btw Lol

Ya might like this as well.


Ill contact the stingy old git and ask him about G.I. for you in the meantime.

ufo_over_easy Wrote:joga Wave

ben i assume? hello mate Smile

cheers droid, will check that out.

ez joga, check yer pms Xyxthumbs
Keep JUMPin ya Bastids

you too naphta Wave
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