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recycle making me want to smash things

for some reason recycle has stopped letting me export, all i can do is save the rexes, but when it comes to exporting audio and midi the file system that usually comes up is nowhere to be seen and nothing happens Baffled

legit copy of recycle, legit pass and everything Smile

tried uninstalling and reinstalling and its exactly the same

i cant make beats with soundforge and single hits, HELP JEDIcrying Lol

ok so. now itll work for some files but not others, and the files are the same bit depth and sample rate

bloody thing

is File->Export grayed out or does it not respond when you click it?

just doesnt respond when i click, usually the window comes up where you select the directory to save to, bit depth check box for exporting a midi file aswell etc...

that just doesnt come up now for some reason, just click on it and nothing happnes, goes back to recycle Baffled

i messed around a bit, but couldn't get it to to do that.
i cannot however activate any of the effects (eq, transient, etc). are you using any of those?
do you have the export as one sound button checked?
since you have a legit copy, might as well email propellerheads about it.

yeh i mighnt aswell drop them a line see what they say, but you know how it is, they wont get back to me for 3 or 4 week and when they do itll be no help Lol

btw, its exactly the same if i try to export individual slices (what im trying to do) or as one sample

kinda weird how its working for some files and not others tho, almost seems as if the longer the file is the less likely it is to export Baffled

i think i may try rolling back windows, perhaps i installed something else thats caused it , i dont see that being the case but its worth a try i suppose Smile

think i sorted it

something to do with the filename of the wavs going into it Baffled

but screw it, it works and turns out propellerheads customer service isnt as bad as i expected it to be either Lol

i spoke too soon it seems Icon_sad

fuck this im off to bed!

fucking file names man. we were using a third party software at work that if you used '_' in the name it ignored the file. Lol


do your wav files have an markers placed in them from another program (cue points, regions, etc)?

otherwise, if you teach me swedish, i will apply for a job at propellerhead and in turn find your answer Teef

hordy blordy volleyball, thats all the swedish anyone ever needs Teef

its something to do with having say brackets or dashes in the filenames i think, managed to chop the breaks i wanted to but some others after changing the filenames still wouldnt work, anyway i think i should try again in the morning cos tiredness + me x computers = distaster ( i allready killed my phone today)

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