Another Timbre improv label

are having a sale. not sure what i'm going to grab but quite like the sample of the new one "fragment of the cadastre"

edit: went with the following

fragment of the cadastre
lost daylight (piano works by terry jennings and john cage) of course Icon_yippee
dark architecture (max eastley - arc & sound sculptures; rhodri davies - electric harp)


at30 nella basilica
roberto fabbriciani - bass-, contrabass- and hyperbass flutes
robin hayward - microtonal tuba


I want it Grin

who? or is it about the instrumentation? Smile

TVG Wrote:or is it about the instrumentation? Smile


Another set of releases out:

And an interview with Simon Reynell here:

Quote:I think the best way to describe the area that the label focuses on is to say that it’s somewhere on the increasingly fuzzy boundary between improvisation and contemporary classical music. So most of the discs are improvised, but I’m not really interested in jazz-based improvisation, or anything that derives from rock music. And most of the music I like best is pretty quiet, and combines acoustic instruments with electronics in some form. Does that give any clues?


more releases out plus a 5 for 4 disc deal.

kind of interested in the turntable ones Chin

honestly would buy them no question if it was digital, but probably the minority on that Grumble

InfiniteSloth Wrote:more releases out plus a 5 for 4 disc deal.

I bought the new set using that deal Smile


James Saunders - imperfections on the surface are occasionally apparent
for 10 players with coffee cups on various surfaces

Xyxthumbs Hahaha

Hahaha let me know how you like it

InfiniteSloth Wrote:Hahaha let me know how you like it

I like it. It's just little noises really Smile

Also "Nachtstück" on Droplets, which is solo double bass recorded outside so there are lots of environmental sounds as well: mostly rain, but I did just hear a fly go buzzing past the mike Lol

Nachtstück sounds like my type of thing. Xyxthumbs


InfiniteSloth Wrote:honestly would buy them no question if it was digital, but probably the minority on that Grumble

apparently not the minority — it seems he's thinking of giving up on CDs


the youtube channel is a great start Icon_yippee

The Anonymous Zone

Quote:The Anonymous Zone is a place where music can be listened to and appreciated for what it really is, not because of who made it. Improvisation and contemporary classical music are as riddled with star systems as any other form of music, and inevitably, in spite of our best intentions, our reaction to a piece of music is partly determined by our knowledge of who is playing or has composed it. So we give more time and attention to pieces by our favourite musicians, and – conversely – we’re inclined to quickly pass over music by people we either don’t know or assume we don’t much like.

The Anonymous Zone challenges these preconceptions by presenting music without telling you who it’s by. The pieces in The Zone are streamed here for a period of six months. After that the identities of the musicians behind the pieces are revealed, so that – if you liked a particular piece – you can then check out other music by them.


Did you figure out any of the artists? I haven't had time to play through more than a couple. (the timbres are very interesting and very cleanly recorded which makes for quite a listening treat)

InfiniteSloth Wrote:Did you figure out any of the artists?

I've not really thought about it.


how about you? Wave

Statto Wrote:how about you? Wave

I was trying to but it was so loud in my office I couldn't hear well enough and then I haven't gone back. Oops

There's new additions to the youtube channel though:

and even more added. very handy since i have no cd drive at work Icon_yippee


I am going to see Roberto Fabbriciani on the 22nd Smile

A few more posted to youtube:

And some more added to youtube.

I have them all Smile

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