[Pinecone Moonshine 004] TVG presents She Has Nicotine EP

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[PCMS004] TVG Hates TVG - She Has Nicotine Under Her Nails EP

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The title track starts the album with a desperate tone using idm influenced effects to drop into choppy, rolling drums and a heavy sub. Mantis continues the despondent mood mixing glitch with the amen before breaking down into a slow dream-like quality. A sparse ambient piece follows to lead into Sleepwalking, that even with heavy use of distortion, has an almost ethereal state with its slow groove and melancholy pads that stretch for minutes. Circuits provides a brutal counterpart by matching the popular Soul Pride break with several layers of distorted effects.
The EP wraps up with an ambient version of the first track relying heavily on basic signal processing effects.

All rights reserved. Tracks mastered by Macc.

* A. TVG Hates TVG - She Has Nicotine Under Her Nails
* B. Indidjinous - Mantis (TVG Hates TVG Remix)
* C. TVG Hates TVG - There are No Penguins in Alaska
* D. TVG Hates TVG - Sleepwalking with that Girl Drinking Paint Thinner
* E. TVG Hates TVG - My Circuits are Suffocating
* F. TVG Hates TVG - Inattentive

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