[RELEASE] Monkeybotherer by anonymi on Little Rascal Records

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New release from Little Rascal Records, Cairns, QLD, Australia:


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Drum & Bass

anonymi is a digital artist, with a lifetime rooted in instrumentalism and percussion. His tracks mash u p global folk styles with polyrhythmic breakbeat/drum'n'bass, rich orchestral harmonies and stupid bass. He was previously a founder member of 8 piece live drum'n'bass crew Weird Attractors, but now concentrates on solo works with his trusty travelling laptop.

Previous Solo Works:
The Voice from Nowhere (2002)
Song of the Liondog (2003) available from noiseheads.com
Aurora/Venturi EP Digibeatmusic (dbm001)
Dance of the Yakasaru Subvert Digital (SCD009)

With the Weird Attractors:
Adrenaline Soup (Earshot Recordings)

Track Listing

1. (in)Transit
2. Bodhisattva
3. Rui-Shi
4. Macaca
5. Onilka
6. Atomdub
7. Bullitt
8. Out of the Woods
9. Dance of the Yakusaru (Mungbean remix)
10. Aurora (Jinshan edit)
11. Pied Piper
12. Gateway

All tracks written and produced by anonymi, copyright 2008
track 9 remixed by Mungbean
©&(p) Little Rascal Records, 2008

Catalogue number: LRRA21
Distribution: Little Rascal Records and IODA

Release date: 9th of September 2008


nice one Smile

[Image: protabl3.gif]
Don Cherry Wrote:Every human is blessed in her or his life with one love (passion), no matter how long it may last. This Absolute love will last in one's heart and soul forever.


on cd?

anonymi ftw Falcon


cube Wrote:on cd?

The CD is being distributed in Australia and NZ, and once I get my shit together, it will also be available worldwide from CDbaby . For the moment though, there's just downloads.

If theres any UK distributors interested in a partnership, contact Little Rascal Records...

Now available on BEATSDIGITAL and coming soon to all IODA distribution partners.

any cd copies available yet? Wave

^ Yes

is the jungle scene vibrant in Cairns?

CD now available in the UK and EU courtesy of DISCOGS

£10 though

maybe when I've got more money Smile

There was some issues to iron out regarding currency exchange rates which forced that price initially. Ive now sorted them out, and the CD is now for sale at a more reasonable £7.99 (free shipping in the UK) :P

Get it here - DISCOGS

ordered Wave

arrived Kisskiss Wave

[Image: dance.gif]

now all over the place :

[Image: CDbaby.jpg] [Image: discogs.jpg] [Image: Rhapsody.jpg] [Image: itunes.jpg]

just in time for Christmas..Wink

sick. hek ya on the bumpage. I missed this the first time around. Glad to see your music spreading.

clinton Wrote:is the jungle scene vibrant in Cairns?

mate of mine played a gig there while back. some guy in the crowd wanted him drop some Nirvana. so...
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clinton Wrote:is the jungle scene vibrant in Cairns?

yeah, theres a coupla junglists here...underground.
Cairns has had its moments! On the Little Rascal Records vibe;, special thanks to Jerry Mane from LRRecords bringin some fine club nights at Soho Nightclub a few years back under his Mane Stage Promotions...We had international such guests like Total Science, DJ TeeBee, DJ Bailey supported by a handful of local DJs and a junglist crew. LRRecords even had a monthly Rude Bwoys dnb, jungle gig at the Barrier Reef Hotel for a little stint and Jerry Mane had a few random dnb nite on thursdays at Soho! There was the subrockers crew which was DJs Scribla, K-one, Stevie Sofa, E-motion and Swoop that always supported. Artist Simon from mashd.net produced some brilliant posters for the dnb gigs and put his own twist on the vibe.

Even before this was DJ Caveman, whom had a great appreciation of dnb and played it passionately amongst what was back then a very psy-trance saturated scene. Eventually he succumbed to the trance and remade himself into Ekogen and produced some good psy- trance. He actually gave me a random dnb track that he produced recently! He still got that junglist vibe, bless him.

There was even a dnb stage run by Jerry Mane in 2005 and LRRecords in 2006 at the massive annual Dreamscape party at Tjapukia Aboriginal Culture Park.

More recently LRRecords has been putting on Dub and Bass Rascals at the GreenAnt Cantina once per month. A bit of dub, dubstep, jungle and dnb!
DJ K-one has been smashing some great dnb sets along with DJ BlitZ occasionally venturing out of dub territory into the jungle! Before this these two 'little rascals' occasionally accompanied by DJ Scribla were smashing out dubstep and dnb at Freakqueancy Niteclub...

Sistarascal is also a mad junglist from the good city of Perth, which has a steady dnb scene, producing the likes of Pendulum.

2009 will bring more dubwise - dnb gigs to Cairns City, compliments of Little Rascal Records, we have some very FAT plans!!!

So check http://www.lrrecords.com.au for ya Cairns dnb needs..

cheers Smile

[Image: p142901-Cairns-Cairns.jpg]

looking good Lovesmilie

Statto Wrote:[Image: p142901-Cairns-Cairns.jpg]

looking good Lovesmilie

and hot as hell Wink
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.S.K.A.P.E. Wrote:and hot as hell Wink

hmmm, not so keen on that Neutral Wink

Statto Wrote:
.S.K.A.P.E. Wrote:and hot as hell Wink

hmmm, not so keen on that Neutral Wink

it's tropical up there.. but it's hot nearly everywhere in the country now. ridiculosuly so at times..
if you catch a nice sea breeze or spend some time in the ocean with the honeys though, im sure u won't mind Wink
it's worthwhile having a look at the rainforest and great barrier reef up that way while they're still around.
Dialogue dub hot lines under a rain of drum http://www.materializmrecordings.com/

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