I just had a beer-gasm!

Utopian Wrote:
Quote:Greene King = cunts

Tendancy to buy other breweries, shut them down, sell off their less profitable pubs to property developers and make sure that the remaining ones only sell Greene King beers.

Plus their beers are pretty average.

i love the fursty ferret meself!

waayyyyy too easy to drink though.....

[Image: fursty1.jpg][/img]
I dubbed the sheriff

Slothrop Wrote:
rondema Wrote:[Image: old_speckled_hen_l.jpg]

right now.
Greene King = cunts

upon your urging, i will not drink old speckled cunts then.
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morphy Wrote:[Image: fursty1.jpg][/img]

Fursty Ferret! How could you not have a sip of that! wooow Grin

Someone mentioned Landlord earlier in this thread?

That's a proper decent beer. Found a pub near me that serves a lovely drop. Big tings basically.

seanie mack Wrote:upon your urging, i will not drink old speckled cunts then.

Tbh I'd probably be less steadfast in boycotting them if there wasn't normally better beer available anyway...


morphy Wrote:i love the fursty ferret meself!

waayyyyy too easy to drink though.....

[Image: fursty1.jpg][/img]

its so good.... damn i want one now! Homerdrool
I dubbed the sheriff

Just picked up Wells Banana Bread and Fursty Ferret.

As a relative newcomer to the ale side of things, it strikes me when drinking them how nourishing they feel. I mean I suppose ingredients like barley are a bit healthy.

Slothrop Wrote:Greene King = cunts, seriously, don't support them if there's anything else you could drink.
Shame, it's a lovely tipple Icon_sad

Tonight I am experimenting with
[Image: 429.jpg]
and two dragon stout.
No fat head spliff tho Wink

bottled beer Thumbd

draught or stfu

statto Wrote:bottled beer Thumbd

draught or stfu

i think this thread made a pretty strong case for bottled beer

bottle conditioned Xyxthumbs

[Image: st_bernardus_abt_12.jpg]

I don't like Fursty Ferret. It's the (I think hoppy) aftertaste, although I can see the appeal in it.

Plus, it took me about five bottles before I made up my mind Lol

[Image: i_champion.jpg] Pint

hens, ferrets and badgers Icon_yippee

Pint Pint Pint

noisemonkey Wrote:[Image: firestoker_bottle.jpg]


noisemonkey, you are clearly a genius. it's that cherry and cinnamon thing - try it after getting home from a bonfire this year, tits frozen off but all cosy and warm on the sofa with the fire on. fucking absurd

Had a few of these last week, not usually into a light beer but this was lovely! Smelled great too Smile

[Image: whitstable.jpg]

Drinking Spatan right now, 2 down 4 to go Grin

[Image: Leffe_900px.jpg]

I've never lost the taste for Leffe. Shame I can't easily get hold of the triple anymore. Tastes better out of the proper glass but my first experience of Leffe was by the pint... trouble soon come! 3 leffte in the fridge.

taking down some ale notes for shopping laters Smile


got some fursty ferret (quite nice, little bit hoppy though)
as well as
[Image: 355980976_f9ac8953cb.jpg?v=0]

[Image: Innis_amp_Gunn.jpg]

[Image: thumbnail_display.aspx?ImgFilename=100_1318.jpg] <- very nice

[Image: sierra-nevada-pale-ale.gif]

suppin on the innis & gunn OG at the moment. nice and oaky rich.

cube Wrote:[Image: thumbnail_display.aspx?ImgFilename=100_1318.jpg] <- very nice
I had one of theirs while camping near Dolgellau last summer - Conwy Castle Ale, perhaps? Very nice indeed.

Oh, and whoever mentioned The Rake in a previous thread, yes, I went there last night and I'm impressed.

gonna try some of this tonight Grin

[Image: Smithwick%27s+Irish+Ale.JPG]

[Image: 49092.jpg]

Anything made in Grim-stad must be good

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