I just had a beer-gasm!

This Black Sheep pint is smooth. The head alone was darned tasty.

[Image: horse-piss-beer.jpg]

RickyForce Wrote:Had a few of these last week, not usually into a light beer but this was lovely! Smelled great too Smile

[Image: whitstable.jpg]

I had some of this tonight! pretty good. also tried the banana bread beer, which was drinkable but not really my ting

flavour of the moment:

[Image: hobgoblin.jpg]

this thread reminds me i still need to get tickets for the Great British Beer Festival in Aug, anyone from here going?

Actually, the nicest pint I've had in ages was a dark harveys thing (sussex porter maybe?) in the Market Porter a few weeks back. It was peng.

When's the beer festival?

Bells 2 hearted or STFU

so much good beer so little time and only one liver ......WTF

slightly off topic as it isn't an ale.. but still deserves a mention :
[Image: desperados-large.jpg]

All about starting the night with one or 2 of these... it's not something I would want to drink a sixpack of at once, but very, VERY tasty.
[Image: 2815841915_939dd1f612.jpg]

what the hell is that in the background a walrus' ass? Hahaha

Chiminea and beer creux Wink

Okay, all bets are off...

Got one of these as a brithday present and opened it tonight:
[Image: 75845.jpg]

Jesus christ! We're talking bottle 20 of a batch of 325, 10.7% abv, taste is pretty hard to describe but it's something like a big pile of intense fruity treacle balanced against a slightly smoke-edged maltiness. Dark as hell but so subtle. If you could drink classic Photek it would taste something like this.

num nums....found some money wilst taking a walk so thinking of getting some actual beer, none of the cheap swill I normally go with....

[Image: Summit_Extra_Pale_Ale1-resized200.jpg]

organic nettle beer tonight.

[Image: 481225483_71af08580a.jpg?v=0]

Recently favoring this as my brew of choice

[Image: 2254655433_6885e14528.jpg]

But drinking the red stripe right now..........i need to broaden my horizions with all the tasty looking brews you guys got over there!

Thread resurrection - I've tracked down another junglist ale:

[Image: ViewImage.aspx?TableName=Drinks&IdColumn...=DrinkLogo]

"4.3% Dark and complex; Hints of dandelion and burdock with undertones of plum and damson. A slightly sweet start with a dry finish leaving you wanting more."

36 gallons remaining if anyone can make it to Cambridge beer festival in the next couple of days...

That sounds amazing...
beats are there to be broken http://musicindevon.org/

I think I might try staying away from the really strong stuff tonight, I was just about functional this morning, but not very, after hitting a couple of sevens and a nine at the beer feestival.

But they have got this on, which is rather tempting:

[Image: comrade-bill-ad.jpg]

can recommend this IPA

[Image: norway109.jpg]

ended a session with the ipa followed by a really sweet strong beer

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSaXB3DERGEty1iHqo2G3h...zFMkpic1If]

suprised this one hasn't popped up yet
[Image: old_peculier.jpg]

and this one and all the bath ales
[Image: bath_ales_gem.JPG]

they're my bottled ales of choice


[Image: products_landlord_bigpic.jpg]
[Image: redcastle-tr.gif]
[Image: 3335325178_bf82f1e770.jpg]
[Image: 99rb.jpg]

All my current favourite tipples when out and about.


Euphony Wrote:[Image: products_landlord_bigpic.jpg]
yes! Slayer

Euphony Wrote:Grin

[Image: products_landlord_bigpic.jpg]
[Image: redcastle-tr.gif]
[Image: 3335325178_bf82f1e770.jpg]
[Image: 99rb.jpg]

All my current favourite tipples when out and about.


having a wine-gasm right now but farkin ell those beers look good, esp that red castle cream! Smile

Red Castle cream is a great drink Homerdrool

and of course, I had to try this one as soon as I saw it in a local pub:

[Image: beer6.jpg]


Going to list my current favourite brewers (although the drinks mentioned above are still the ones I jump for if I see them when I'm out).
I'm going to do this because I'm at work and I'm waiting for an answer on something before I can do something else and as a result sitting here getting bored and thinking of beer Lol Icon_razz

Firstly, Oakham Ales:


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