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Pre eqing breaks?

Hello SC Heads, just looking for some general info on this process, different methods used, standard practices, prefered plugs etc. any help much appreciated,





this was posted not so long ago think it's along the same line's.

some time's i try and get them the same sort of level before hand.

I presumed it would have been posted already, cheers for the link

That's ollllld that thread Smile

In short, a little bit of correct prep goes a long way. See Chop School part 1 (which was also the last part Oops ).
[Image: protabl3.gif]
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Any recommendations for a nice surgical eq on Mac Osx... After using the eq in ozone for the last few months I am not too happy with the way it sounds... I am not able to get the cuts I am after without loads of nasty side effects...


macc Wrote:see chop school part 1 (which was also the last part Oops ).


i could do one thats for prepping midi files i.e timestretching little bits to tighten it up but preserve some groove, dunno bout others but that the next thing i always do after some eq and its the mutts gonads Smile

i mighnt sit and write it out today or tommorow and see what it reads like, probally ''eye bye gum put't cursor tut left n chop it liiiike''


no one liked that ? Grumble

i thought it was quite amusing and edumacational. Bigstick

Macc Wrote:That's ollllld that thread Smile

Chop School part 1

Exactly what I was looking for, cheers Macc :P

elektrovert Wrote:

no one liked that ? Grumble

i thought it was quite amusing and edumacational. Bigstick

ooops, pressed edit instead of quote. Oops


i liked it, i just didnt say, thats cos i liked it so much i wanted to keep it personal, like a really nice sandwich Smile


IMO, it's all about Dave Earl the Logic Ninja. Just look at him. He's like a NINJA, only without the nunchuck skills... or the flying kicks... or the two sword technique... and he's, um, pretty good at teaching Logic.

Yeah. Awesome. That's some next level biz right there.

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