The Beatdown, now Saturdays 6-8PM on KUCI 88.9FM Irvine, CA

i'm very happy to announce that i'm now broadcasting on saturdays at 6-8pm!!!

this means a lot of great guests i've asked to come through will finally be able to. a lot more wicked live sets! this will give the show a lot of fresh, diverse sounds from some of the best producers and dj's around southern california, consistently! who knows, maybe some really big guests like breakage could come through... also, it gives me plenty of time to do my set ups, relax, and get on point. so glad to be at this spot on the weekend, its truly awesome! good times ahead.....

i will be kicking it off, celebrating a two year anniversary in this great new slot!

hidden sound

throwing down mad dubs and madder wax - breakbeat science baby!

6 to 7 pm

[Image: pageimage-190601-1311927.jpg]


he's gonna be tearing down the decks like only he can! this guy rules, one of the best djs around with amazing selection and tighter than tight mixing!

7 to 8 pm

[Image: 2120_in2it_-2-musicv2_artist_page.jpg]


the beatdown has been bringing wild breakbeat science, classic and rare jungle, wicked ragga, and thunderous dubstep to the southern california airwaves since september 2006!

tune in every saturday 6-8pm on kuci 88.9fm in irvine, california and...

streaming on



streaming on the web at:

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[Image: topnav_listen.gif]

128 mp3 stream -

128 real player stream -


what's time's that in proper money? Smile

3 hours back to hi, 11 hours ahead to london, so 6-8pm = 2-5am Xyxthumbs

I'll be asleep

[Image: sleepbed.gif]

for all the europena insomniacs out there....

but I record so its all good Cool

this is THE DOPEST radio show pon the westcoast right now!
and i ain't just sayin that cuz you my homie lol Gitarre2 BIGG IT UP!


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