Chess creux - clocks?

Is anyone here keen enough to own a chess clock?

I've been thinking of getting one for Alison so starting a game is a bit less of a commitment - at the moment, even if we agree to have a quick game and not take it too seriously, we'll probably still be going a lot later, tired and wound up and thinking for ages about each move. If we could fix it at 15 minutes a side or something it'd be more tempting to start games and not end up getting too competitive...

Has anyone got any thoughts on what's good? Are digital ones or speed chess clocks worth looking at if we're probably going to be playing fairly short games (like ten or twenty minutes a side) and maybe a bit of blitz? Or are basic old fashioned ones accurate enough to do short time controls reasonably accurately?

for blitz chess we use these:

that's an analogue blitz clock (5 minutes to the quarter)
you might prefer a digital clock
or not


hmmm, 20 minutes per player max (well, effectively) seems a little extreme, the option to go slower would probably be good.

otoh, analogue clocks look nicer. (and they probably tick with more "analogue warmth" or something.)

maybe a standard one then.


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